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Guttural Apocalypse: vol 1: ‎01 - Murder Construct - Control 02- Inherit Disease – Nanoscourge 03 - Meat Shits - Dismembered then Raped 04 - Crypt Infection – Imprisonment 05 - Point of our Resistance - Corpse Joe 06 - Saprophagous - The Outer Implosion 07 - Depths of Chaos – Minion 08 - Resurrecting Judas - Human Cereal 09 - Inhumanization – Consumed 10 - Damascus - Clandestine Killers (Raise Their Heads High) 11 - Butyric Fermentation - Inguinal Orchiectomy (Nuts through the Guts) 12 - Remnants of Man - Valley of Cries 13 - Embryonic Devourment – Darken Thy Fluids 14 - Burial Chamber - In The Grave ‎15 - Tortured - Corpse Eater 16 - Hell Itself - Fallen Betrayer http://www.facebook.com/#!/photo.php?fbid=340733309310712&set=a.148502351867143.39405.133610976689614&type=3&theater $10 through severed records through us $8 plus shipping and handling

Secret plan!

so we all got together for the first time in a long time and decided to make a plan. we arent going to tell you what it is, but when we come out to start playing shows, its gonna be with a band! I (lu) took the liberty to edit and do alittle remastering of our old songs and popped in our old drum machine. its not an official re-release but to those of you who fallow this blog. you will be the select that get to hear the songs that have been revised that wont ever be released. here is a nice little present i scouped up for you all. enjoy... http://soundcloud.com/meshrecords/inhumanization-catastrophy-re

Inhuman Update!!!

so we have been working on our Ep for quite some time now and alit of the songe we have been redoing over and over again because we want that shit to be perfect in brutality and destruction. we are going to have new demos once we start playing shows again and will be handing them out. we will keep them limited still so keep your in hand. we will be allowing the option to preorder and download once we finish so again keep updated.

we also have a few new assets to the band. i would like to welcome our new bassist connor pixley to our union of destruction. connor will also be our primarry recording and sound tech! he is a verry talented musician with a specialty for fuckin shit up(in a good way). Connor Pixley's lable is "lights absence. we highly recremend that you contact him soon for recording he is a great tech. along with connor we also have a new updated live sounding drum machine wich we will be using to tear this world into peaces. we really look forward to releasing our ep soon as possible and hope to help you all cause mass destruction all across the globe.

asside from that i(lu) have taken the oppertunity to fix up one of our best origional songs to give you a bit of a taste of destruction. the track is just remixed and remastered but it will give you a hint on what we are going for on our EP: http://soundcloud.com/meshrecords/inhumanization-oblivion-1

i know its a bit on the high end but if you fallow enough i will be doing a re-record of the track and post it up for all our fand to hear. thank you all verry much for your support, so keep it fucking brutal as shit ok!!!'

Inhumanization -lu

Gutteral Apocalypse: Vol 1

we are pleased to anounce the Upcoming release that we are gladly taking part in called: Gutteral Apocalypse Vol 1 album INCLUDES such bands like: Inherit Disease The Meat Shit Euphoric Defilement Murder Construct Crypt Infection Embryonic Devourment And MUCH MORE!!! The release will be distributed by Severed records, who will be distributing them at the price of $10 a cd. On this CD we will be releasing our latest single never been heard before called CONSUMED. we are taking this oppertunity to allow people to preorder for $8 a CD through us. to get your preorder, contact us and send us your mailing adress and how you would like to pay. we are proudly accepting paypal and cash only. we ill send you an invoice with a reciept and you will get your CD sent out to you as soon as we recieve them!! all sales will be final and for the moment there will be no shipping charge till the release is out. FOrward this message to all your friends. GET YOUR CDS NOW!!! thank you for your support Inhumanization


we are Inhumanization. we are new to this site so we welcome everyone with rejoyce. feel free to explore our new content and check us out on our sites: http://www.reverbnation.com/inhumanization