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Wait a minute!

Hey, wait a minute! What if it fell over and hurt somebody?!

Standing Up

We've learned that we can work all day while standing up. This is a good thing. You should try it.


There's nothing better than lying face down in a pool of sunlight, left arm down at the side, right arm stretched upwards, head turned to the right, cheek pressed into the carpet, hips shifted just slightly to balance the shoulders, warm, quiet, peaceful.


I was in a brilliant cheese shop today and I got thinking, how in the world does one ever get to taste all those different varieties? And the more I looked at them, I began to covet them,and I left the shop thinking there is nothing better in the world than a really good selection of cheeses. And it was a very good feeling. Until I got home and remembered how many people don't have lovely cheese shops. Indeed, they don't even have good water. Or a reasonable expectation of safety. So I am grateful, but I am also somewhat ashamed. Do some good for someone. Who you think you are and what you do for yourself matters less than who others think you are and what you do for others less fortunate than yourself


There is such a vast array of talent out there that I am overwhelmed by it all. I honour all those who read these words--keep doing what you do for the doing of it, not the money or the glory, neither of which will arrive in volumes sufficient to fulfil your dreams. Just do it for the love of it, for the "flow."