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Demo's released!

Well we recently added a 4th member who plays Bass while Patrick shifts to 2nd guitar. The drummer bailed during this transition so we've put up our first 2 demos with the new lineup. We're really excited to share them with you guys so let us know what you think! "I Rule the World" is a new song we wrote before the changes but this is the first recording of it. "Bringing Home the Bananas" is a classic staple at live shows and probably our most requested song. We finally decided to lay down a decent recording of this for the fans.

Right now we plan our putting out a demo song or two for a few weeks before we go into full rehersals for awhile while we finish writing our first album. If your a record label and you'd like to throw us some cash hit us up at our email themoguls at gmail dot com!

new reverb nation profile

what's up yo? we've got this thing (mostly) set up now. still got some kinks to work out and stuff to post. but overall it's pretty rad!

we're booking shows like crazy, and getting ready to hop into the studio with our good friend, Lucas Pawlik, to start recording the "Short Songs for Fat People EP".

stay tuned. stay rad. - the moguls