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Compliment from Indianapolis 500 driver Billy Engelhart

Hello Frank, Thank you so much for the CD! It is outstanding and would be playing regularly on the radio if any of these local radio stations recognized or appreciated good "Classic Country Music"! I have played it at least 10 times and shared it with Karen when she got back home. She loved it too!

Compliments for my: Marty Robbins" tribute cd

Frank, We received your c/d and played it half too death. Marty Robbins is my all time favorite singer/song writer etc. He was without doubt the greatest entertainer to grace our planet. His untimely death left a hole that no one can fill. As I was listening to your renditions of his songs I was struck by the uncanny similarity in your voices. I had to listen closely to make sure it wasn't him singing. You have such a great voice and I just wish I had heard you sooner. Unlike a lot of performers that try to imitate his voice yours is natural and comes from the heart. Thanks again for keeping alive the traditional sound of country music. the noise emitting from Nashville these days turns my stomach. Keep singing my friend and God bless you.

Ray and Pat Marlow

Commentary by jpswain48

You certainly would have been one of Country music's legends if the right promoters had handled your career properly. Somebody overlooked a great talent. jpswain48