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I co-wrote theme song for film Lucky Dog out 2014!

I co-wrote the opening title them song for the indie family film Lucky Dog being released this summer 2014! The song is called Ridin' The Wave (It's My Lucky Day) and is a rockabilly surf jam co-written by Becca Retter, Brandon Jarrett and myself. The song is performed by Brandon Jarrett of Moho Productions, LLC. I can't wait for this movie to come out, very exciting! http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3149360/

LYM on Tony Hawk's Ride Channel!

My song LYM or Love You More has been licensed on Tony Hawk's Ride Channel on YouTube! I will let you know when the song is up on there site! Rock on!

My song on Deuce Radio Show #161

Hi friends, My song Moment (It Gets Better) is featured on the Deuce Radio Show episode #161 heard on FM and internet stations around the world! You can listen at this link http://deuceshow.podomatic.com/entry/2014-04-09T10_10_27-07_00

My song Moment on the Deuce Radio Show!

My song Moment is getting airplay on the Deuce Radio Show syndicated on 25 radio stations internationally. Thanks to Rob at Deuce Management. You can listen here http://deuceshow.podomatic.com/mobile_send?id=5178124

Hot new hip hop elecro reggae remix of my song for equality featuiing Mike Ro

Email: mohoprods@yahoo.com Website: http://www.craymo.com Indie singer/songwriter Craymo and Houston rapper Mike Ro have teamed up to collaborate on a hip hop remix of Craymo's song One Love One World (One Voice Remix). It is a song that promotes equality, tolerance, human rights, saving the planet and world peace. Jose Gorbea of ill Faded Productions and Mike Ro heard Craymo's song and were moved by the positive message so they offered to record a rap verse for the remix. Craymo and his producer Brandon Jarret of Moho Productions heard the verse that Mike Ro recorded and were very pleased with the way he captured the message of the song! The original version of One Love One World is featured on the United Nations project website www.newsongsforpeace.org and has already been performed by school children all over the world in the USA, Canada, China and Australia. This new hip hop remix will help spread the positive message to more young people that equality and peace are the way to a better future. One Love One World (One Voice Remix) Featuring Mike Ro is now available on iTunes worldwide and also on www.craymo.com For more information or for music licensing contact Craig Raymo, Director of Publishing, Moho Productions, LLC at mohoprods@yahoo.com

New song masters up!

Hi friends, Check out my remastered songs I just uploaded. More remasters are on the way along with a hot remix of One Love One World featuring Houston artist Mike Ro! Peace, Craymo

One Love One World (We Are One)

Hi friends, we just finished HD principal photography on my music video for One Love One World, a song promoting equality for all, tolerance, unity, world peace and human rights. The world premiere video is Summer '09!