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Addressing the issue of the REAL Bukshot...

Since I have gotten out of prison, it has come to my attention that there is in fact another rap artist who calls himself Bukshot, who actually happens to be white and also spells his name identically like mine with no "c" in the name. To those people who have not been following my career since day one, I have been going by the name Bukshot since 1992 and my first cassette single came out in 1995. I am sure anyone who listens to hip-hop and has been for a long time, is also aware that there is another artist from New York who goes by the name of Buckshot Shorty, who is affiliated with the group Black Moon. I still remember back in 1993 when their first single, Who Got Da Props came out, and a lot of people in Louisville actually thought it was me because at the time, I was the only Bukshot they knew of, and Black Moon's single didnt have any of the actual artists on the cover of the single - only artwork. Also be conscious that this was back in a time before there really was NO internet and an upcoming artist from Kentucky and New York had no idea about each other. Several years later, Buckshot Shorty's manager called my manager at the time and I actually spoke to Buckshot Shorty myself about the whole situation and we all came to the conclusion that since we both already had been promoting out names and our music for as long as we had, that the world would just have to be big enough for 2 Bu(c)kshots, and we would both just keep doing what we have been. I was cool with it, I mean I spelled my name differently than he did, plus I was white and he was black, and our existing fans knew the difference between us and everything went on smooth as ever since then. So fast forward 15 years - There is in fact another rapper, from Texas I believe, who goes by the name Bukshot and he spells it just like I spell mine and he happens to be white too. I've never heard the guys music before, but I do have to admit that for MANY years now, we all HAVE been living in the age of the internet, and for this guy just to pop out of nowhere and come out with an album. and to actually go by the name Bukshot and even SPELL it like mine, thats pretty fucking lame to me. I mean before this guy ever thought about recording or putting out a song under an artist name, theres no way in hell he didnt at least Google it to see what comes up and if you Google "Bukshot" a ton of shit comes up about me and my music, so there is no way possible that this guy DIDN'T know who I was before he came out with an album. I'm not saying that the world ISN'T big enough for a 3rd Bu(c)kshot, but what I am saying is that I think the 3rd "Bu(k)shot" is a really lame dude for dropping an album in 2010 and using a name that has already been used by 2 other artists for the past 18 years and even spells it identically to one of them. As KC Hustle would say "weak - real weak". But oh well, I addressed it and got it off my chest. I'm not trying to hate on the dude at all cause like I said, I've never even heard his music before. Its annoying but oh well, I guess in the end the fans will sort it all out anyway. At the end of the day though, in my book, there is only ONE Bukshot and ONE Buckshot Shorty, and any other ones, they're just imposters...

Aubrie Nicole
Aubrie Nicole  (almost 7 years ago)

You know what Buk, u didn't even have 2blog about this man..you named yourself LONG AGO, I know u r just tryin to be understanding but here in the 502, we know you, known ya for the longest..the other guy from NY,you guys worked it out LONG AGO but this NEW guy..wth? He should be bloggin an apology for his ignorance & disrespect for the music industry!!!! LOTSALOVE-Aubrie Nicole