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ACID DEATH’s 2nd official video clip for “Hall Of Mirrors” album, is avail

We are more than happy to announce that Acid Death’s second official video clip for “Hall Of Mirrors” album is available from Monday, October 26th.

It is the official lyric video for track “Supreme Act Of Heroism”. “Hall Of Mirrors” album is released on September 11th by 7hard Records (www.7hard.de & www.sevenus.de)

Here is video’s link: Feel free to share it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lj78KUfn2VA

Live dates announcement

Ok, it's time to announce the first live dates for the new season. Greek live dates: (Headline shows) - December 19th Larissa, Stage club - January 10th Athens, Kyttaro club More to come with more details really-really soon!

"Hall Of Mirrors" reviews: More Than Positive!

Less than a month that the new album is out and the reaction for ACID DEATH’s «Hall Of Mirrors» is really excellent! Here is a small number of reviews, really positive and enthusiastic.

- METAL HAMMER magazine, Greece: «…ACID DEATH are at the most creative period of their life. Good news for everyone who searches for the adventurous side of Metal…» Rating: 8/10

- LEGACY magazine, Germany: ACID DEATH – Hall Of Mirrors review Rating: 10/15

- TIME FOR METAL emag, Germany: ACID DEATH – Hall Of Mirrors review Rating: 9,5/10 http://time-for-metal.eu/acid-death-hall-of-mirrors/

- METALKAOZ emag (Greece-USA): «….This album is better than “Eidolon” and I think it’s the logical step in the evolution of ACID DEATH during the band’s second era which I hope will grant them a wider recognition. Even if I had tried hard, I wouldn’t be able to find something bad to say about “Hall Of Mirrors”…» Rating: 9/10. http://www.metalkaoz.com/album-reviews/16438-acid-death-hall-of-mirrors.html

- ROCKHARD magazine, Greece: «…ACID DEATH, with a carrier of 25 years, continue to surprise us even today…They surprise us with every release, keeping their standards always high.» Rating: 8/10 http://www.rockhard.gr/reviews/albums-reviews/14910-acid-death-hall-of-mirrors-7hard-records

- ROCKHARD Magazine, Germany, Issue #341. ACID DEATH – Hall Of Mirrors review. Rating: 7/10

- ROTTING HILL emag, Austria: ACID DEATH’s «Hall Of Mirrors». Rating: 8/10 http://www.rottinghill.eu/reviews/review/1530

We’d like to say a big Thank You for all the positive and encouraging comments!!

For Greek readers: ACID DEATH - Hall Of Mirrors availability in Greece

(For Greek readers: ACID DEATH - Hall Of Mirrors availability in Greece) Διαθεσιμότητα στην Ελλάδα. Αθήνα: METAL ERA Record Shop (Εμμ. Μπενάκη 22) SIRENS Records Metal Shop (Νικηταρά 14) NO REMORSE Records (Γαμβέτα 4) BOWEL OF NOISE (Τζώρτζ 6-Πλ. Κάνιγγος) EAT METAL Records (Νέο κατάστημα - Σπ. Τρικούπη 45) MONSTERVILLE (Σπύρου Τρικούπη 10)

Θες/νίκη ALONE Metal store (Γ. Θεοχάρη 2) STEEL GALLERY Records (Φιλικής Εταιρείας 33)

Κρήτη (Αντικαταβολή από) FROSTING HELL Productions (Αιδινίου 23, 71601, Ηράκλειο) frostinghellproductions@yahoo.gr

Πάτρα FLASHBACK Record Store (Καραϊσκάκη 148)

Καστοριά Melody Record Shop (Αθανασίου Διάκου 2)

Επίσης: Αντικαταβολή από Acid Death’s Official Site (www.aciddeath.net/merch) , Metal Hammer’s Hammer Land (www.hammerland.gr) Και Καταστήματα PUBLIC & RELOAD

ACID DEATH's new album "Hall Of Mirrors" officially out today, September 11th.

So!!!!!! September 11th and ACID DEATH's new album is out! You can order it via Itunes, Saturn, MediaMarkt, Amazon, Google Play....your local record store and of course band's merchandise section at www.aciddeath.net/merch Or just click the "Shop Now" button on the top of band's facebook page. Your comments are more than welcome!!!

"Hall Of Mirrors" Official presentation/Release party

Ok, it’s time to do it! We are more than happy to present officially band’s new album at club Ranarok, Athens-Greece, on Friday, September 18th. Also, a presentation for the re-mastered versions of «Pieces Of Mankind» and Random’s Manifest», that will be re-released in October/2015, will take place.

See you there!!!!

"Hall Of Mirrors" album pre-order links list.

Here is a small list where ACID DEATH's "Hall Of Mirrors" album is already available for pre-order (physical & digital): - Amazon: http://www.amazon.de/s/ref=dp_byline_sr_music_1?ie=UTF8&field-artist=Acid+Death&search-alias=music-de - Saturn: http://www.saturn.de/mcs/product/_Acid-Death-Hall-Of-Mirrors-Heavy-Metal-CD,48352,2278980.html?langId=-3 - Itunes: https://itunes.apple.com/de/album/hall-of-mirrors/id1024550578 - Media Markt: http://www.mediamarkt.de/mcs/product/_Acid-Death-Hall-Of-Mirrors-Heavy-Metal-CD,48353,2278976.html?langId=-3 - Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/music/album/Acid_Death_Hall_of_Mirrors?id=B2o7i5dlfogfbz5mmppbwozbd74 - Japan pre-order (via Amazon.co.jp): http://www.amazon.co.jp/Hall-Mirrors-Acid-Death/dp/B012EJBOKE Soon there will be an availability list for Greece.

ACID DEATH's full show from Astarte Fest (in the memory of Astarte's Tristessa)

A big Thank You to the team of \m/ UNDER THE SIGN OF METAL \m/ emag for this video! ACID DEATH's full set from the recent show at Astarte Fest (in the memory of Astarte's Tristessa), June 20th 2015. Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ogj08Bimh8o

“Hall Of Mirrors” official video clip 2015 is available

From today, Monday August 24th ACID DEATH’s first official video clip for the new album is available. It is the track “Hall Of Mirrors”. Band’s new album “Hall Of Mirrors” will be out worldwide in few days, on September 11th, by 7Hard Records (www.7hard.de & www.sevenus.de). Here is video clip’s link. Feel free to share it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1_aWvljd7P8

"Hall Of Mirrors" Official Video 2015. Available from Monday, August 24th.

Really happy to have the first official video clip for the new album ready! "Hall Of Mirrors" Official Video 2015. Available from Monday, August 24th.