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The Voice Auditions Part 2

It honestly made me mad....here all these thousands of people stood in a line wrapped around an entire city block for 3 hours for a 30 second chance to make it on TV when it had NOTHING to do about your ability to sing. I reached over & tapped her shoulder and said to her: "Honey, you have a beautiful voice. And if you're not chosen today, it will not be because you can't sing. Please don't let this moment define you of who you are & what you were created to be. Tears filled her eyes, she had stood in line that Tues before for America's Got Talent all day & didn't make it & now today she stands in line for hours...again...for what she believes will make her or break her. I could go on and on about the hour or so left of lines, producers hollering at the crowds to sing & be happy, blah blah blah.....but I now know more than ever that this reality tv world we live in is nothing but a giant hoax. So you go on to win the voice...what do you get?? A contract that owns you, tells you what to wear, what to say, how to act. No Thanks. I walked into a conference room with 9 others......we sat in banquet chairs of two lines facing each other. 5 on each side. I was third from last to be called up to a piece of orange tape on the floor. Said my name & what song I was going to sing. Belted every note & it was over, just like that. When I walked out of the building around 9:30am after being told along that I wasn't what they were looking for.....I stood at the top of the escalator & standing outside was a line still wrapped around the building. I couldn't have been more happy. I accomplished exactly what I wanted to..... I still had my freedom to be me, sing what I want, and do what I do for a living. I probably smiled like I had made it. But in the end...I did make it. So to anyone who is following their dreams regardless of what it is...don't follow the masses...blaze your own trail and do what YOU do!! You were beautifully & wonderfully made...GO after your dreams...MAKE waves & challenge yourself. BE exactly who God made you to be!

The Voice Auditions Part 1

It's 4am, Saturday morning & my alarm is ringing...Im excited but not anticipating anything. The point of this audition was to help me step out of my comfort zone. The audition was 7am. I had researched & read blogs of singers who had tried out so I had a pretty good spin on how this was going to go. I knew it would be a long morning of waiting in lines with thousands of other hopefuls for that one slight chance of "making it". This was not a singing contest..it was a tv casting. I knew this...I had no hopes of making it by my singing, If I was gonna be picked, it would be because I fit into a criteria of what these judges were given to look for to make a good tv show about singers. Knowing all this made it a bit easier. I arrived at the Music City Center around 6am.. took my place at the end of a line that wrapped half way around the city block....Watching & listening to singers of all genres, looks & sounds. Some were already warming up their vocals, singing excerpts of their 30 second song of choice. Others were video blogging, taking pics......and then sounds from groups of singers singing loudly...together...as if it was a giant "Glee Camp". I knew right away this wasn't my "thing" but I pursued forward because again...Im stepping out of my comfort zone. I stood quietly for most of the 3 hours I was in line waiting or being herded to a different area/room. I overheard stories of every different walks of life. I soaked it all in knowing I would never do it again but I wanted to learn something from all this. My silence broke when a young lady in front me stood so nervously in line with her best friend...high school students.....rehearsing her notes over & over and over again. At this point, I wasn't even sure what song I was going to sing & here she stood practicing her lines and notes. She kept asking others in line "What song are you going to sing?" "Have you done this before?". I felt bad for her....so young, no experience & this one very moment was her "defining moment" or golden ticket to stardom.

New Year Reflection & Resolution...

Happy New Year Everyone! Well like most people this time of year I really do enjoy making resolutions because it feels like I have a fresh start. I took some time off during December to spend with my son and loved ones and really have been reflecting alot. One thing that I have discovered is that this past year had alot of highs and some really big lows. As most of you know, my Nephew Isaiah died and my sister left the duo and Polly Mae became a solo act. Almost immediaitely after this incident I went into survival mode and had to get back on stage and move forward. I didnt heal properly or really even have time to not only mourn my nephew passing, but it didn't help feeling that I had lost my sister in this rat race of music we love so much. To top it off some very cruel and nasty people attacked me, my career and my family and it became vicous and mean. I am human....and Im realizing that it took more of a toll on me than I had even noticed. Taking some time off has helped tremendously but in all honesty I still struggle from time to time but Im ready to face it and move forward with no hesitation. I want to thank those of you who have stood by me and cheered me along the way. You know exactly who you are and I am in great debt to you for your support. Yes, Ive made mistakes, burnt bridges, made tough decisions that didnt always please everyone, but for the ones I did right and the mistakes Ive made...im learning and growing. So thank you for hanging in there with me and let me tell ya.......I will not give up and I will continue to follow my dreams!!!!! Love you all!! THANK YOU AND LETS MAKE THIS A KICK BUTT YEAR!!!

Putting the past to FLAMES!!!

Ever wanted to just burn away all the bad memories, hurt, pain you have ever experienced? My new song "Watch It Burn" is all about that.....yeah throwing it in the fire and watching it burn. This song really spoke to me from my past hurts and relationships and there are times we carry that baggage into new reltaionships and we hold onto insecurities and hurts. I have learned the hard way that it only hurts me, not the one who did it to me. It has a "Mission Impossible...James Bond" kinda sound to it and it rocks on the bridge as I sing "It dont matter if it rains...aint no puttin out these flames. Im just getting started getting rid of this pain" Whew theres some song therapy for ya!! So when can ya hear this song??? THIS SATURDAY AT THE CHRISTMAS PARTY......gonna get HOT in there!! Holy Smokes a risin! www.showclix.com/event/PMLIVE for tickets!

New Song Performed on Saturday Night "Bar Calvary"

I want to share with you about the new song my sisters and I will be singing on Saturday Night at the PM Christmas Party. Bar Calvary is what you would call a "cross-over"song...no I dont mean a sell-out, pop song I mean it crosses over from my outlaw side into my church-going, Jesus loving side. Which in my opinion is the coolest thing considering he loves me just the way I am:) Its about a barmaid who goes to Heaven and when she gets there she asks God to not let her in yet and allow her to run a bar outside of Heaven to give sinners a last chance stop to come in and she gets the opportunity to tell them about Jesus. The chorus is "I love my whiskey but I love Jesus More......think about his mercy as I stand here and pour...another round for sinners like me, looking for savin at Bar Calvary". The three of us add our "sister harmonies" and give it our church roots and I really hope you enjoy hearing it Saturday! And remember.....if you come, you get a CD of it recorded LIVE that night. I really treasure this show and I thank all of you who are coming!!!

Details of Christmas Party

Hi Everybody, as you can tell from my facebook posts that I am super excited about the Polly Mae Christmas Party that I cant even sleep! I wanted to share with you everything that this concert is about and what YOU will see and hear that night. First, all the songs I will be performing will be all PM originals including 3 new songs that havent been released yet. Im especially excited about this because only 150 tickets will be sold and I really wanted to give those ticket holders something very special and exciting to look forward to. Your ticket gets you a physical copy of the LIVE concert (signed) and only those 150 ppl get a copy!! NO PHYSICAL COPIES WILL BE SOLD!! Food is also included and J's of Lima/Shawnee will be catering the event and it will be amazing. We have set the concert inside a barn in the country to give it a warm, country feel and my Grandpa is building a custom stage for the show. We are designing the set so that there isnt a bad seat in the house! Mike from CenterStage Productions is doing the lighting and he has some top notch equipment and some killer ideas to light this show up. Gerry Keysor will be our MC for the evening, who has announced for the Waynesfield Raceway Track and he is a great friend of mine and I have no doubt he will do a phenomenal job! Jeff Zumbrun and his crew from WildHorse Radio will also be on hand broadcasting from the show and taking professional photos and Im super thrilled to have them be there! AND last but certainly not least, new and upcoming country artist, Ryan Broshear will be joing us and performing his self written tunes. Him and I will be sharing our stories and giving you an up close and personal glimpse of our music and how they came about! So...to wrap this up what do ya get with your ticket?? Food, LIVE lit up and custom made set with original country music and inside stories, a signed copy of the concert, Special Meet and Greet, and night you wont forget!! tell your friends, neighbors, family to get their tickets NOW cause we are down to only 57 tickets and we cannot sell at the door and tickets will be sold soon! go to www.showclix.com/PMLIVE/tag/PMBlog to get your tickets TODAY!! Remember its Sat. Dec 1st Doors open at 6:30, cocktails at 7pm and show begins at 8pm! -Jodi - Polly Mae

Shelby  (over 4 years ago)

Ahhh. I'm sooo excited I can't wait! :)

Polly Mae
Polly Mae  (over 4 years ago)

i am too!!!!

Been a long time.....

Hey Fans! I know its been awhile since Ive wrote and my heart is just bursting with things to shre sooo....here we GO! This past summer has been "BitterSweet". As most of you know, Dale Ann, my sister and formerly of Polly Mae, suffered the loss of her son, Isaiah, and she left the group. There are two things I would like to say...1. She is my inspiration and my best friend. We in no shape or form parted on negative terms. She has new dreams and aspirations and Im so proud of her and cant wait to see them come true! Her and I both want to thank each and every one of your prayers, your love and support through this time! It meant the world to us! 2. Although it was emotionally difficult to have her leave I have pressed on and Polly Mae will continue to move forward. My Aunt Tami stepped up and has been singing harmonies for our band gigs and shes doing a great job even getting thrown into the fire! I recently opened my own booking agency, that has been a dream of mine and Im so thrilled about it. I also signed with Act2Artist Management out of Columbus, OH and im super excited to have their team helping me grow and succeed! I also made a career decision and I wont be doing solo gigs with tracks any longer. Dale Ann and I had wanted to steer from that a very long time ago but it paid our bills and we got to know and meet all of you, so for that Im very thankful! I do have a few more of them left for the year but once those are complete Ill be selling my equip and moving ahead with my wonderful band. We have giant opportunites for us ahead, so i must focus my energies on that. I also am working with a Nashville producer and award winning musician on a new EP album. I have been writing and reviewing songs for it and I cant wait to share it with y'all!! I dont wanna share too much but keep an eye out...gonna be GREAT! Please sign up, if you haven't, for emails, newsletters and text alerts so you can keep in the loop of all things Polly Mae! Once again, thank you for all your support and a GREAT summer!! Lets keep rollin!!

Kayla Vonderembse
Kayla Vonderembse  (over 4 years ago)

This brought tears to my eyes! You ladies have been a true inspiration to me since Day 1. I am so glad we have role models like you around! I wear my Polly Mae shirt with pride and blare my radio when I hear your songs come on. I wish you the both the best of luck and hope to see you soon :) love, still your #1 fan Kayla Sue :)

2012 Shows

Well we have started 2012 off with some really big things in place and we're excited to see whats in store for Polly Mae this year! We just ordered our first shipment of Polly Mae apparel incuding Hollar & Swaller T-Shirts, Polly Mae Camo ball caps, Hoodies, and Jerseys AND for our Youth Fans we have Youth Apparel too!!! So we'll have something for everyone. Additionally we are re-releasing our self titled CD "Polly Mae" in Feb at The Lima Mall and we will be performing with a full band on center stage Feb 11th 4-6pm. Immediately following we will be signing autographs and selling CD's at fye in the Lima Mall! We hope to see ALL our local fans there! Be sure to check out our website for our schedule. New shows are added almost daily and we are traveling quite a bit this year! Happy New Year to you all and we look forward to seeing all your faces on the road at our shows! -Polly Mae Jodi and Dale Ann