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New Opportunities

This past week I've kicked off yet another project along with the crazy talented and knowledgeable Bluu Suede. Even better, I wear the title of Executive Producer on this project and I'm already learning so much.

This is something we want to get the best musicians in Austin, TX in on, and it's something we want to see become a tradition. Y'all stay posted for more information!


I am now working on material for a mixtape. Lots of conceptualizing and re-conceptualizing, plenty of writing and experimentation. So many ideas! The challenge for me is now allowing my perfectionist tendencies to slow down the process. Y'all wish me luck and KEEP LISTENING!

New Joint

I just posted a new song entitled "If You Only Knew" by one of Houston's dopest artists: Twank Star. Also on the track is Bluu Suede. Happy Listening!


Thanks to all who've supported me thus far. It has been and continues to be a process, but I'm always encouraged by those who believe in me and love me enough be honest and never let me produce any less than that of which I am capable!