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A Brave New Era For Sonar Lights

Sonar Lights will be reforming and transforming in the very near future. Tough decisions and choices had to be made... But the band will be moving on! New things are coming up and the new album is brewing. Thanks for everyone's support. Only love, George Miadis

Looking for true believers!!!

So... we reached the point where we want you SL fans to get involved. We'll be spreading the true Word of Rock 'n Roll for second time in a row all across China and when we're back we'll lock ourselves into the studio for our next album in collaboration with Grammy awarded producer/sound engineer Tim Kimsey. We truly need your help to fulfill these. We're looking for true believers! Any donation will be appreciated! Please take a moment and check our funding campaign here: http://www.gofundme.com/SonarLights-Believers Thank you in advance!


It's finally here! The long awaited music video of "The Enemy Within" is on. Check it out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vDxbuALc6bI


So, it looks like '14 kicked off gloriously for us To start things off, we got called again for a second tour in China on May, participating in the Midi Festival China - 迷笛音乐节! On Feb 14 we get involved in Denton's Thine Line Film/Music Festival, playing at Andy's Bar (http://www.thinlinefilmfest.com/index.php/music/all-music). And a plethora of local shows to follow! This month also we will have our first official video aired with a second one on it's way! Last but not least the band decided for the upcoming new album to go full analogue, that means recording on tape and finalizing on vinyl. We're already purchasing gear for this. A funding campaign will begin soon so you Sonar Lights fans can help us with this. Stay tuned

East Coast Tour

We currently work on our East Coast Tour. Locations and dates will be soon available!


After a long winter in the studio we proudly present our first Album work "Here We Are!" The songs are already available in reverbnation before the official release. Hope everybody will enjoy :)

Sonar Lights

The first LP is on the making

We're locked up in the studio... Somewhere in a country site north of Ft Worth. Focused to capture the best tones that can come out of our instruments, amps and pipes! So far the results are astonishing!!! Unique sound is at hand. We ask our fans for their patience. We won't be appearing anywhere until this album is finished. Cheers!!!

Things keep on happening...

With all things that happened lately we will be probably leaving the studio fun times for a bit later... Instead we'll be on the road for a while, trying our already released but also some brand new songs to new audiences. That's the spirit of Rock 'n Roll anyways :D

Studio times

The fun studio times are just around the corner! Pre production is almost done and we 'll be hitting the studio by next month!