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buy a digital copy of our new recording "Planet X" for $8.99


new recording out April 25, 2015

We are excited to be in the process of mixing and mastering our new recording. Our CD release party will be at the Stone Tavern in Kent, Ohio on Saturday April 25th.

recording new CD!

we are at DeMarco's School of Music in Hudson, Ohio recording with Freddy DeMarco. We hope to have it finished by October with a release party to follow. So far it's sounding great!

debut CD available for download

go to out Rreverb Nation store or CD Baby at: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/xtracrispy it's cheap!

debut CD

will be released Oct 22nd in Kent, Ohio at the Stone Tavern with special guests The Flavor. It's gonna be a rockin' night and we are very excited about our CD

first CD

We are currently working on our first CD, only 5 songs but they are sounding good! We are in the mixing stages and it is costing more than we had anticipated (imagine that!). Oh well. later, John