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Rough Offense

Our new full length album is up, we intended to have this out to everyone sooner but the completion was delayed. Since all the changes that needed to be made are behind us we are in a much better position to get work done, that being said our 3rd album is being worked on as well as some new cover songs. Rough offense has 18 tracks total and is heavier than Animal dance, we used a lower tuning and 7 string guitars. Our youtube page has been updated as well. Keep an eye on our facebook page for free gear. thanks for reading.


Francisco "kiko" Delgado plays lead guitar for Gnarly Slur now, he has a variety of different styles and projects he has involvement in. We have reworked Rough Offense over the past 9 months and recorded lots of live stuff with kiko on lead. We have already started writing stuff to fallow Rough Offense, with kiko its going to be heavier and darker. Stay tuned...........

Rough Offense

We finally have a studio setup and can continue working on our album, We have also added Kiko (Francisco Delgado) to our lineup on lead guitar. We have a lot of insane tracks to unleash on the publics ears soon.


(Nightmares,corpse decay time lapse,anxiously feeding a plea) We have all the lyrics pasted into the media player for the entire Animal Dance album.