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Lynda Cullen

calling all fans, please check out this incredible talent!! her voice is so pure and beautiful, youll want to listen to all of her songs! the emerald isle has a gem and she is it!!

Shaun Murphy

This artist is well, INCREDIBLE!! I have listened to her time after time. I never tire of vocals, this is raw power folks!!She should be #1 on the Nashville blues charts, but we all know we dont stake our careers on it (haha). Thanks Shaun for posting your great voice and wonderful band on RN!! You are a musical gem!!

Ottos Daughter

This band is truly a work of brilliant vocals, musicianship and composition!! Listen to how tight they are and they definitley are not your run of the mill rock band. They work as a band with profesionall precision and non stop thrill ride!! Check them out, this is the REAL DEAL!!

joe nyc guitarist

what can I say about this artist that knocks me out. Joe is a musician that loves his craft, thinks outside the box and his expiremental approach keeps you guessing. Listen to his compositions and youll agree, this is what separates copy cats from the real deal! his passion comes through every note he plays, just close your eyes and smile!! thanks Joe!