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CD Baby

Right to Lose, The Elvis Test and "It's About Time" now on CD Baby. http://www.cdbaby.com/all/kmice56


Got the studio back running after the crash and doing the final mixes of "Making Up For Lost Time." Some of the incomplete mixes will be featured here while the old ones will vanish! Wish me luck, patience and clean ears!

Right to Lose

Right to Lose is now on CD Baby: http://www.cdbaby.com/all/kmice56

Blues standards

I did a blues demo for a non-existent band in 2008. I played all the parts with a drum program. "Come On in my Kitchen" was from the same session, but Rick Mastry later played drums over the drum track.

About the Tunes...

"Right to Lose," "Tribute to Chess," "Whole Life Cryin'," "See Paris and Die" and "Detox Susie" are from a project I did in 2007 while in Topeka, Kansas on Cakewalk/Sonar I called "Making Up For Lost Time." It contains new songs and old tunes I never demoed. The backgrounds were done on a Yamaha GX76 with live tracking overdubs on vocals, bass, keyboard, guitars and reeds (harmonica, clarinet)."Speedfunk" is a demo from 2008, using the same process. "Right to Lose" was written in 1999, "Detox Susie" in 1988 and "See Paris and Die" in 2005, all in St. Petersburg, FL. The other two were written for the project. "What Did You Do?," "Funk You" and "Blues for Callia" are from a project I did in 1995 I called "Bouts Of Reason." The backgrounds were sequenced on an Ensoniq SQ2 and then transferred to Teac 80-8 where live keyboard, vocal and guitar tracks were added. All of the tunes were written exclusively for the project. It was recorded in South Pasadena, Florida. The two live tracks are from Mastry's Bar in St. Petersburg, FL on a Sony mini-disc recorder. On the ”My Space” player, “FL AM Radio” and “Machine” are from “Bouts Of Reason.” “Here Kitty Kitty” and “Space People” are from “Making Up For Lost Time.” "Come On In My Kitchen" was for a band demo I made by myself (guitar, bass, vocals, drum program) in December 2007. A human drummer replaced the automated one in 2009.

Ron Lowe and the Dominoes

There was a cat I was introduced to here in '89 - his name was Ron Lowe. Turns out Ronnie had an R+B band in racist St. Pete in the '60's - something rather unique for the time and it got the attention of a fellow who moved down here "to help his mother" or so it was told. The man was Jack Kerouac. Jack to a liking to Ronnie's band and took a liking to Ronnie - they became close friends - Ronnie had the ability to put up with the rantings of a brilliant drunk and Jack saw the person I guess I knew in Ronnie. Jack would say after a gig with Ron Lowe and the Dominoes - "Let's go for coffee!' "Where do you want to go?" "Miami!" And they would - an odd sojourn to the southernmost decadence available at the time in which it would take a couple 24 hours to return. Ronnie and I hit it off - he came out to jam with me on a couple occasions where I really needed the support, and we shared non-filter cigs in the parking lot as he recalled more "back in the day" tales. At one time I lived in the same neighborhood, and I was the hapless drunk that showed up at 2am when he would always share some non-filter cigs and tell me, "Bring some bitches next time." People were always a bit wary - I don’t think it could have been his appearance - there was nothing there - I think maybe it was the permanent “pot grin” and a twinkle of joy in his eyes that made people nervous. “Who was that guy?” they’d asked. I’d try not to say too much. Later, I took a couple kittens from him when I was married, and they, being incestuous, gave birth to Larry, a black cat we had for all of his cat years from 1994 to his death from cat leukemia in 2002. I had gotten divorced and gone to France and when I returned I heard in 2001 that Ronnie had died of cancer. He'd been working on a book about his memoirs of Kerouac and gave lectures at every writer’s event at Eckerd College and was an independent staff member of the St. Pete Times. I found a site later, I don't know where, published by his sister after Ronnie's death, but it had something on it Ronnie told me he would share with me when it wasn't difficult. It said the following: Jack called him telling him he was vomiting blood - Ronnie told him to go to the ER at Bayfront and called an ambulance. Ronnie jumped in his car and met the ambulance at the ER. Jack was having painful seizures due to the hemorrhaging of his esophagus and the hospital personnel asked if Ronnie would help hold Jack down on the bed. He did. He watched Jack Kerouac die. I am honored to say Ronnie Lowe was a friend of mine. Yes, he was.

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Thanks for hittin' me up! I'm always available for anything music related and can be reached at erviltnec1@yahoo.com Right now, I've got nothing going on! Kinda sucks, but I think I've weeded out the back-stabbers and now it's just the front-stabbers I have to worry about! Happy New Year to all of you, and let me know what you think of the tunes. KC