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Working On My New Mixtape!!

Ok So I Am Working On my 3rd Solo Mixtape & Am Getting A Lot Of Tracks Done Already Which is Great. I Am Looking For A Lot Of Different Artists To Collaborate With For Some of The Tracks... But If I Can Work With A Lot Of People Then I Am Thinking About Making A Part 2 & Having It Full Of Collaborations. So If Any Artists Out There Is Reading This Then Feel Free To Hit Me Up To Do Some Work... Lets Get It Moving!!

One S.P
One S.P  (almost 4 years ago)

yeah man ! collab no props.
i don't do much these days...just had a daughter (she;s only 10 days old) and a wee 2 year old boy. so not so much time to do gigs. but would love to do some shit on a mixtape. speak soon. 1sp

One S.P
One S.P  (almost 4 years ago)

oh shit. just realised the post is from august. oh well, we can still do a collab.
check my site, to hear more of my tracks.

New To Reverbnation

Ok So Ive Just Signed Up To Reverbnation & Still Getting The Hang Of It...Is There Anyone That Can Give Me Tips?