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Hare of the Dog that Bit Pete

Between making new friends at "Barriba" Friday night and stinking up "The Cove" on Saturday, we had quite an eventful day hanging out in San Anton. It began with an urgency to make something this sunny October day. Brent had heard Alex Jones would be making an appearance at the pro-gun rally, taking place on the foot steps of The Alamo. Guns dressed in American flags decorated the peaceful crowd. I came upon a sign posted in the window of a nearby local drug store. All that Libertarianism made us Hungry so we hit up a craft beer patio suggested by our house hosts (thanks Jonathan and Alex). There we enjoyed luxuries such as bacon-wrapped bratwurst, lamb sliders, and four free tickets to the beer festival! (thanks Toni the bartender). Its Just so happens the music we stumble in upon playing the beer festival is a band we met a few weeks prior, "The Hares". Many good times and beers were had and we even managed land another show with "The Hares" Halloween night at "The Mix" on St Mary street in San Antonio. On the walk home Pete got bit by a dog. Pete suffered minor injuries. Well there you have it.

See you soon San Antonio, ~ Pete Van Dyck of the Jake Levinson Band

Padre ^ (to the 8th power)

Well, its 8am again... we're fixin' to meet up in a few hours to pack the vehicles and head to South Padre Island for the last time this year. This will be our fourth tour there in 2013 and our eighth time to take the stage for 4 straight nights of music at Laguna B.O.B (bar on bay).

Thats a lot of math for The JLB, I know. Actually Brent is a damn fine math-a-ma-tish-shun.

I was dreading this trip a few weeks ago, but am excited now to get out of town for a couple days and make some smashing music. Wish us luck and godspeed through your first weekends in October!

~Pete Van Dyck

New Album

New album "Burnin' Daylight" is on it's way

Tour Update

Gigs are rockin'. Just added new dates in Leicestershire. New Ireland dates coming soon.