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Disappointment & Redemption

This past week was an interresting one for the band. It started with us shaking off the dust of a 4-day break from band practice. It was Kyle's wedding anniversary so he and his wife decided to ditch off to Vegas and go see the Lion King touring broadway show. Apperently it was epic. Sam and I went out into the wilderness and got chiggers on our legs and blisters on our feet. I guess that's the price you pay for adventuring with the wrong gear. So our week was fun, to say the least. Samuel and his wife took a sedgeway tour in Sedona, AZ which, to me, sounds either like an awesome time or a decidedly not-awesome experience. But they said it was pretty sweet so I am going to take their word for it. Anyhoo, we had only one practice before our show on Thursday at Chaser's Lounge. The show was...how you say...CRAP! Well at least it felt that way to us. We had some great support from our fans and we love them for it. But we felt like it was a sloppy show on our part. Now, Kyle has mentioned that we are usually too hard on ourselves and I find that to be true. So I will say that, in my opinion, we are still one of the best independent bands out there. But that show gave us some bad ju-ju! Luckily, we had a show the next night at Club Red. And that was...how you say...AWESOME!! We felt like we had to redeem ourselves of the previous night's show. And boy, did we ever! We unveiled our newest song, "Swim or Sink" and it turned out very well. The crowd seemed to love it and it solidified the song for us. The solos from our other songs were EPIC! The energy was through the roof! It was a great set and a great night. We were asked what performance enhancing drugs we may have been on. I took that to be a compliment. Thanks, Ed! Also, happy birthday, Patrick! The lesson here is that, in any field of endeavor, if your give a performance that you are not proud of, then just push on through it, learn from it, and smack the next one right in the face-hole! It will make you feel like a fat kid who just heisted the Swiss chocolate factory and is now bathing in his melted plunder.

Summer Breeze makes me feel fine!

Well, boys and girls summer is fast upon us once again! And you know what that means. Time for movie theatres, pools, hot tub hopping, and barbeques! But I hope you leave some time to enjoy some great tunes and live shows from Fat Tree! We are entering into some great new creative territory with our new songs and are really excited to get them recorded and on a new record for you to enjoy! We just need to be able to fund the recording of said record. We are going to put laser beam focus on making it the best sophomore release known to man! But that takes time and money. So until we can do this, we are just going to keep coming at you with some awesome shows, sweet promotions, and maybe some videos to whet your whistle. Keep your eyes peeled because big things are just around the corner! As always we truly appreciate all you do for us! Please share us with everyone and spread the grassroots Fat Tree campaign! We love you! Eric

Begging for more...

Life has a funny way of keeping you in check. The minute you try to bite off more than you can chew, the wisdom of the universe shakes his head in amusement and hands down a lesson that, hopefully, you won't forget. Consider the craziness of this past month and a half in the Fat Tree universe for instance. Wisdom dictates that a sapling of a band like Fat Tree should try to keep it down to about 1 show per month. That way you don't wear down your local fan base by asking them to come to a bazillion shows when you know they only have the time and money for maybe, well, once a month. But, alas, alluding to my previous statement, we have probably bitten off more than we can chew. Not to say that we can't handle more than one show per month. I mean, if it paid well enough to quit our day jobs, we are ready, willing, and able to play almost every night. That would be awesome! But we are in a pickle at the moment. We commited to sell a certain amount of tickets to our show this Saturday and I don't think we are even close to reaching that amount. Worse yet, we fronted the money for those tickets already. I know, I know! Don't count your chickens before they hatch and all that. So, I make a proposal: if you buy tickets and come rock out with us this Saturday, you won't hear us beg you again! (Well, at least for another month, no, make that two months.) We are going to be taking some time to write music and do some other creative things I think you can all appreciate. So our shows will be a bit more scarce for the next few months. And you know how we like to close things out with a bang! This show is going to be electric! We are busting out some oldies but goodies and the show is sure to leave you with a melted facial region. So come get some Fat Tree while its hot! Club Red, this Saturday the 14th, tickets are $10, contact us to pick 'em up! We love and appreciate you all and thank you for all your support. Truly, you are Fat Tree!

Backyard bash!

We just had the opportunity to play at the college graduation party of our friend Rachel and it was awesome! They had frybread, all kinds of fruits, a jumpy castle boxing ring, and my personal favorite, CREAMPUFFS!! I swear, if scientists discovered that creampuffs had all the vitamins and nutrients one would need to sustain a healthy lifestyle, I would buy a Costco membership and a giant chest freezer and you wouldn't see me for a month! So, Kyle has historically been reluctant to run sound on our own shows because it is a royal pain in the butt and there is always a chance of nuclear meltdown or something. But I think he has finally accepted his fate as the band soundman/keyboards/vocals. Therefore, it's time to start playing more of our own shows and rocking at people's homes! You don't want to come out to the club? Well how about you get a rocking Fat Tree show all up in your face (or in your backyard/barn/toolshed/living room)? Or maybe it's time to start door-to-door rocking! There is only one word for that idea...RAD! So if you want to send a personal Fat Tree-o-gram, contact us and for a reasonable price, we will show up at the door of your friend/enemy and melt their faces off with the power of music! Thank you for your support and don't forget, please share our music with your friends and random people from the street! Only YOU can prevent the wave of rotten music coming at you from all sides! Love, Eric

Surprises can be pleasant

Last night's show turned out to be pretty interesting. We had never been to the Rogue Bar before and we didn't know what to expect. We actually passed the place a couple of times before we found it. It was tucked away right next to the neighborhood liquor store. So the first thing I asked myself was if it was safe to leave our cars parked out front. But success doesn't come from being a droopy eyed armess baby, so we pushed on and unloaded the gear. The club actually had a pretty descent setup. The stage was a lot bigger than what we were expecting when we first pulled up to the place. I had plenty of room to flail around and do my thing. From the start of the first note, the show was very high-energy and we basically killed it! The crowd was great, even though it was a bit small. They gave us an excited response after every song. We laughed at the end of "Losin' My Mind" because it sounded like a guy actually lost his mind. It's such a great thing to be able to effect people that way with our music. The best part of the night was when a girl named Becky came up afterward, bought a CD, and asked, "How can I spread the word about you guys?" Now that's what I'm talking about! So many people love us when we play but they don't realize exactly how badly we need them to spread the word. She told us she will get the buzz going around Prescott so we can come up there and play. She also got one of our window decals and promised to put it on her car. Now that's commitment! Thank you, Becky, and good luck on your efforts! Overall, it was a great show and another much needed boost to our morale. It just goes to show you that sometimes things that seem at first to be a bum deal can actually turn out to be something that will help you. Keep hope alive people! You are the difference makers, so keep doing your thing and never give up!

How to climb the "fat tree" of success

Good news for all you Fat Tree heads! Our Reverbnation global band equity just went up 1,331 points in rank! That means...well I guess it means...hmm. Well I'm not sure what that means but we are obviously WINNING! I think we may be catching on in Thailand or something. Either way, we'll take one victory at a time and use it to power our velocity vector internal pulse gravitational tranducing modulator apparatus of rock victory! "What in the world are you talking about?" you ask. Well once I figure that out we will reach Led Zeppelin legend status overnight because, ya know, you gotta dream big or go home crying to your mamma! The important thing is to consistently work at reaching your goals and don't let anyone tell you that you will never make it. What if Lance Armstrong listened to the dude who told him he should just take it easy because of a little thing like testicular freakin cancer!? Well, he would probably be taking it easy. And who would sell all those yellow bracelets? What I'm trying to say is, we as a band really do appreciate all the love and support from our families, friends, and fans. Just when we are tempted to throw in the towel because we don't know if anyone even cares, we somehow get the right amount of boost from either a great crowd at a show, positive feedback from someone we don't even know, or encouragement to keep doing what we are doing because it inspired someone. So we thank you all from the bottom of our little collective Fat Tree heart. You inspire us more than you know, just by doing those seemingly inane everyday things that, in reality, keep the world from spontaneously imploding and exploding simultaneously. We'll see you at the show tonight and welcome you with open arms and fellowship! Spread the love!

First Peek at the Latest Show!!

So there were two songs from our last show that were not professionally audio recorded due to technical difficulties. "Yeahp! Yeahp! (Through the Door)" was one of them. We really were sad not to have captured this one. But alas, here is a video recorded from our super-spectronic hyper-nano-ultra-tech moving image and semi-good sound recorder. We hope you enjoy it because it's one of our favorite songs to play! There will be much more videos forthcoming but with MUCH better audio than this one. Please share this with your friends and keep checking the site for more awesomeness to come!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qX7w0zq9tjw

Adventures of Fat Tree: Feelin' the Love

The band had a great night at Club Red on Friday! We were really feeling the show and the energy was reaching omega status. A big thank you to all the fans and friends who came to show their support! It was amazing to feel the love and excitement from the crowd. It was one of the rare times when we got a super genuine crowd requested encore. I tell you, nothing feels better! As the set goes, I really enjoyed playing "Hourglass" which is one of our older ones that we don't play out that often. The bridge is so intense! It gets super quiet then builds to an outlandish creciendo and, when it's done right, it gives me the chills. Super dark and ominous sounding! Samuel's drum solo was also sickening! He changed it up a bit and threw in some space which turned out very nicely. The best part is that we got the show professionally recorded, except 2 songs. That was due to a computer clitch. So stay tuned for new video and audio clips that will blow you away! I can't wait to see how it turns out. Gene Loves Jezebel played after us and they were honestly better than I was expecting just from hearing their recordings. They were very...scarfy? As in they really enjoyed their silk scarfs. But they were pretty tight. They were playing on our amps and drums so we were somewhat apprehensive. The drummer knocked over Samuel's china symbol and I cringed, but it was okay. It just had some bruised pride from being knocked around by a guy that wears eyeliner. On the way home, we heard a faint crash coming from the back of Sam's truck and he noticed the car behind him wildly swerving. He said, "I think we lost something." But we weren't too sure. It took us about a half-mile to finally pull over and investigate. We found that one of our metal trash cans had flown out the back carrying our big dowel sticks and Sam's guitar stand. I stayed with the truck because, lets face it, walking along the 101 freeway is dangerous. I let the Sams take the treck back and recover our lost treasure because they look tough. Lets just say that one of our cans has more...personality and Sam's brand new guitar stand had a very short but eventful life! All in all it was a great night. Thanks to Matthijs, Ellen, and Ed for your impromptu filming antics! Also, thank you to Kelsea and Lori for bringing half the city to our show! Spread the love people! See you soon!

What's all the buzz?

So we are cooking up some ideas for music and for the general direction we are going. It's a good time to be in Fat Tree! We are working on our first fully collaborated song between all four of us and I have to say it is sounding amazing! It's pretty awesome what can happen when synergy is involved. It's lyrically some of the best stuff we have done, in my opinion. It has been nice during the writing process to have someone in the band say, "I don't think that works," or, "I think that is getting away from the idea we are trying to convey," or, "Maybe we should write about bears!" It's refreshing to have the drummer be a part of that since normally he seems to always just be back there behind the cymbols. Stay tuned for the outcome of that. You won't want to miss it! We are also trying to get away from the bar scene, although it is somewhat necessary. We want to bring good music to the kids! You know, promote high school music programs and get the students involved in the movement. It would be great to have some of them play with us for a performance! Imagine Fat Tree with some awesome horns or strings. These are just some of the creative juices that are flowing. If you want to be involved, you know where to find us! And please, share the love! Love, Eric

Loaded for lotsa shows!

So we have a nice chunk of shows coming up and we need your support! This Friday, April 15th we are opening up for the '80s new wave band Gene Loves Jezebel at Club Red. You know its going to be an awesome show when the main act needs to use most of your equipment! It really should be quite the spectacle! Come out and see us rock your faces off! Oh yeah, did I mention that the show is being recorded and you get a free copy of it just for coming?! Yeah. That just happened. Live it, love it, learn it, believe it, punch it! We will see you at the show people!