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CD's Are Done!

CD's are in! Hard copies are available locally at Seminole Music & Sound, or you can download the entire EP at Reverb Nation. We hope you enjoy it!

Big Moon Rocket
Big Moon Rocket  (over 6 years ago)

They are also available from your favorite Big Moon Rocket Band Member! :)

Bikini Girl EP Finished!

Ok! The 6-track "Bikini Girl" EP is mixed, mastered and sent to press! Listen to the full version of it here, on Reverb Nation for free. Physical CD's and downloads will be available soon. Thanks for listening, and enjoy!


Alright! Big Moon Rocket is in the studio (read that garage) recording their second CD!

We've actually been working on it but since this is my first blog post I figured I'd start from the beginning...

We are working on about 11 songs and they are coming along great - got a few just about done and ready for release and we will be debuting them on VRadio first and then here and then the rest of the world! (sounds pretty dramatic) :)

OK That's it for today and stay tuned for the next update and soon a new song or two!