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Thank you to everyone who voted for me this week, I did indeed win the Poll and will be on the NUA Show on Sat 28th @ 12pm. Keep my song on every week by voting again this week! Thank you so much, Peace!

Thank U 4 ALL the Support !!

I have been so fortunate this week , with many people showing me their kindness and voting for my song 'Dont Go' in the Poll it is in for a RadioShow. I am so so greatful to all the RV musicians who have helped me. There is still time to help and give me your vote, so please vote for me on the Poll, to get my music played again. Do this by going to www.offthechartradio.co.uk/nua/poll And voting for Stephen Keating - Dont Go Thank you people :) Peace.

New Material ...

Working on some new songs ... I have added the first couple (Dead Jesus Heartache & Deep Inside) and I would love some feedback. Peace & Love.

Radio Gaga

Just recently found out that a couple of my songs will be played on Saturday 10th December on an internet radio station. Please check it out! It will be between 12 - 2pm at www.offthechartradio.co.uk Peace

Mercy 4 Percy

The beautiful Louise is away again for a few days , so I have had a go at a luvvyduvvy tune. Just tried a bit of Sledge .. nothing I can do but try :/ Peace!


New song added ... a rough live copy of it really ... but may be the catalyst to a new albumsworth of music ... please let me know if it deserves my time to be expanded on ! Peace.

Back 2 The Norm

Feeling much more like normality now that my GF is back home ... enjoying life !

All U Need Is Love

Wrote a song while my gorgeous fiance is away in Belfast ... uploaded a acoustic recording I did. Hope people like it ... especially Lou ! Peace.

Like A Stone

added this toon, one of my faves from CC. Cocked up the ole recordin' & only the endin' came out. Bummer ... but here it be ;) Peace!

The Rhode Back Home ...

Just back from a week in Rhodes, Greece with my fiance ... beautiful island ! Really missed playing, writing, singing ... glad to get my hands on a guitar after a week without one ... I wonder if any new inspiration will swing my way with a refreshed approach, Watch this space ? ? Peace !