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Recording Notes pt. 4

Recorded new tracks "Wasted" and "Little Devil" with Bill and Jess laying down principal rhythm tracks, and Bill doing some solo lines! Remy followed up with bass on those songs, and recorded bass lines for "Sarah and Johnny's Waltz", and "I Will Never Leave".

Molly finished up the evening laying down guitar parts for a few tracks...can't remember which right now!

Sally and Bill will return for some guitar work at another session, and Bill and the ladies will add vocals to the new tracks soon!

Track Listing (order tentative)

I Will Never Leave Drugs When I'm Gone Tell Me How Old Virginny's Gone Cold Sarah and Johnny's Waltz Wasted Whiskey Little Devil Home

we are thinking about including a few tracks from our acoustic demo Modern Vintage Volume One...those tracks would be:

Downbeat Poet Long Roads

next phase will be deciding what to call this thing, and getting some photos/ artwork rolling!!!

Recording Notes pt. 3

Remy Duguet played bass on "Home", "Whiskey", "When I'm Gone", "Drugs", "Old Virginny's Gone Cold", and "tell Me How". Molly stepped it up in this session and began acting like the producer we always knew she was and helped hone Remy's performance into some really great tracks!

Recording Notes pt. 2

Recorded vocals, and Molly's guitar parts and had Anna Matijasic-Hennessy come play fiddle on 3 tracks (Old Virginny's Gone Cold, When I'm Gone, & Sarah and Johnny's Waltz.) The tracks already sound AMAZING!

We still have 2-3 tracks to record, and overdub, with one BRAND NEW song called "Wasted" with lyrics and music by Bill, with some ideas/ arrangement from the ladies! It's a true JC collaboration, and it's going to feature Anna on fiddle too!

We are hoping to be able to have this CD in your hot little hands by MAY!!!

Recording Notes

We have currently recorded 8 tracks at Dogbark Studios in Lyndhurst, VA. Engineered by boris ballard and steve sutton, mixed by steve.

Session one: Home- Sally Murphy Whiskey- Bill Howard I Will Never Leave- Molly Murphy/ Bill Howard

Session two: Tell Me How- Bill Howard Old Virginny's Gone Cold- Bill Howard Drugs- Bill Howard When I'm Gone- Sally Murphy Sarah and Johnny's Waltz- Sally Murphy

We are going to be doing 2 more to finish our first CD! Current plans are to record "Little Devil" by Bill with Remy Duguet on bass, and at least one more song. We will have Steve as a guest on the album, as well as guest fiddle by Ashley Heizer. It is likely a few of our acoustic tracks from the demo Modern Vintage volume one may make it on to the final album...still waiting for an album title...