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Listen to our album for FREE

You can now listen to the full album Together... Apart... for FREE at:


Thanks for listening!

Kill the Reflection "Together... Apart..."

The NEW KTR album "Together... Apart..." Can be purchased at www.killthereflection.com through cdbaby.com, and soon iTunes and Amazon.com.

Kill the Reflection - 3EP

The 3EP will be available at our Live shows and features an intro with 5 tracks. The tracks include:

01-Intro 02-Broken 03-Cold 04-Hold captive 05-You belong to everyone 06-No love at all

$5 and its yours...

We will be recording the full length album in August, stay tuned for that! In the mean time go to our live shows, check us out and take a shiny disc home with you...


The new 2011 EP...

Hello kids, The new EP will feature 5 Delicious tracks for you. We are in the works getting shirts made up for you guys and gals, stickers, etc...

We will post a date for the CD Release party and how you can attend.

We will then prepare for our local tour to follow to promote the new music.

Mini tour is just around the corner...

Stay tuned

Kill the Reflection -MR