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Some Fear None Wins 'Most Outstanding Hard rock Award at the 2015 Sammie Awards.

We are proud to announce that we took home the award for 'Most Outstanding Hard Rock band' at the 2015 Sammie Awards hosted by Sacramento News and review.

New interviews

We have three new interviews up in our videos section. Check them out!! Working on new album. Your going to be stoked! #SFN2015

Nov 7th show

This Thursday 11/7/2013 we play at Marilyns on K with a new band , A MIle Till Dawn and Race to the Bottom.Come support.This will be one of our last two shows of the year. Stay tuned this weekend for our last show of 2013 announcement !

Nathan Giguiere blog

Lead singer Nathan Giguiere breaks down the music and song lyrics in his new blog.Please follow. http://nathangiguiere.blogspot.com/

Recording update ! 1/25/2013

THANK YOU, Gina Salatino, Charles Carrasco and Sean Stack for laying down some insane bass tracks over the fattest drum tones I have ever heard out of my DW kit. Some Fear None is going to have one insane recording when we are finished, LOOK OUT!

Feb 2013 shows and New Album !

We have tickets for the Some Fear None show on Feb. 15th @ Old Ironsides. They are $10 each, and the names of those that purchase a ticket and/or attend the show will be collected and memorialized inside the CD Jacket of SFN's forthcoming debut album! All ticket purchases from SFN Band Members represent a donation to fund the CD, but if you can't make the show and still wish to donate please contact a member of the band, arrangements will be made and your name will be listed as well! Thank you!!!


Exciting Shows more powerful than ever .Rocking IT this Spring and Summer.Stay Tuned.

Queensryche Show on September 11th

Some Fear None openeing for Queensryche at Ace of Spades!


4 shows posted for July,Aug, and September.Please join our mailing list for email updates on the band and info on upcoming events ! Become a fan at reverbnation.com/somefearnone or facebook.com.Next show is July 8th at studio 21 in Rocklin,CA.Share Some Fear None with your friends ! Thank you again for all the support !!!!!


Hey fans .check out our page.we have 3 new shows posted for july and august.Come out and see some good Rock ! SFN