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Is Hip-Hop Dead?!

The homie Nas got a lot of $h*T for his song "Hip-Hop is Dead". I don't think it's dead tho I think it's just going in a different direction. A lot of people try to blame the south and their "Party/Snap/dance" songs but you can't say that because if you really think about it the south has been in the game and tho there has always been dance songs they don't always come from the south. In all actuality I'm proud of a lot of new music not all the time because its good but because I like the $h*t people are trying its different, and also the return of the lyricist with artist like (in no particular order) Kanye, B.O.B., WIz, Currency, Drake, Wayne, Lil B and the Based Movement, Wale, Big Sean, Andre 3000, BlackMilk, Dux Jones (2k11), Gucci, and gotta have Waka Flaka on here just because of his energy.... But I love tht new feel