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Brand New Single!

Damn Little Devil You w B-side On Eggshells is out now exclusively (so-far) on Bandcamp!


First wanna wish everyone a great day or evening. Me and Miss @Aqualyra fought off bad flus to come back to studios for more producing / recording #HappyDay 5 songs in the works right as I type this. Pepe (Petteri's nickname) and Tuomas are on top of things as usual, been laying down his usual great guitarwork; Tuomas' bass lines are super! My vocals and synth lines are down for reference... and got the drum tracks mainly nailed. ...Big brother Markku, our keyboard wiz, just got back from fam holiday in Sicilia. Now he is workin' on his key arrangements & so is Miss @Aqualyra on her vocal arrangements! Then recording of their parts can begin. 'lyra has got some reference vox done for one of the songs but we gotta see how they fit in the mix. That's all from the studio this week. :-) Thank you for all your support. Much love back and wishing you a beautiful weekend!

New & Notable on ITunes Finland

ITunes FInland hasHave A Beautiful Life on their New & Noteable list!!!.

new songs again today and also tomorrow

you can hear some of the new songs from the album streaming each day until the release on Tuesday.

New songs streaming + Listening Party

2 new songs are up for your streaming enjoyment. One will be available for sale as a single tomorrow as prevously advertised. The other is track 2 from the album - Abuse Me To Soothe Me. Album drops next week! Stay tuned for new songs streaming throughout the week!

Listening party on CKCU-FM on e.V.'s Underground, in hour 3, between 4-5 am Tuesday eastern time. Crazy time you say? Yes but never fear! They have an on-demand service == you can listen when you like after the broadcast!!!.

www.ckcufm.com www.evsunderground.com

Please tell your friends if you like the music and send links!!

DOWNLOAD new single here December 3rd!

"I Wanna Walk All Night" will be available for exclusive digital download right here on Reverbnation!!

Single Release Date announced!

Please see hannuofficial.info for details!

Artwork for Coming Single Released

Come and see the artwork for the first single from Have A Beautiful Life, "I Wanna Walk All Night", and hear about the video. Go to: http://www.hannuofficial.info/hot-news.html

#1 on V6Radio!

Thanks to all of you won 1st pace on V6Radio for their July competition & am now a featured artist for 3 months! http://www.v6radio.com/default.aspx?sid=1368 The winning song '99 is the first track on reverb - and if you buy it 50% goes to support the charity Sweet Relief that helps sick and impoverished musicians who need help to stay alive and keep a roof over their head and afford medical bills. Please help me help them!

3 =H=


Unfortunately ill at last minute and was not able to do wonderful KiMu gig in Tallinn, Esti.