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Helrunar and Árstí∂ir Lífsins "Fragments - A Mythological Excavation"

Prophecy Productions, just announced the new release by Helrunar and Árstí∂ir Lífsins which is called "Fragments - A Mythological Excavation". Helrunar's "Wein für Polyphem" -“Οἶνος πρὸ τοῦ Πολυφήμου”- draws from Homer's "Odyssey" and they honoured Hildr Valkyrie to join them to this song, adding the presence of Athena. Release date: 05.07.2013

Finished Recordings

Hildr Valkyrie has finnished the recordings for the upcoming album "Gryningen" of Eliwagar!

On this cd, Runahild sings and plays 3 old traditional norwegian instruments: hardanger fiddle, bowed lyre and langeleik, in addition she plays also flute and cello. Her husband Bjørn Dahl plays electric guitar, Roar Ruus Finsås joined to play bass, Wargnar the drums, Nils Ailo Sara Labba, a Sami friend of the band, plays the lead guitar on some songs and Hildr Valkyrie (Greece) is guest singer on 2 songs.

"Gryningen" will come out in a deluxe digipack 6 panels + 20 pages booklet + 2 stickers.

Please visit http://www.eliwagar.no for more details!

New Website Announcement

An official website has finally been launched in the net. The Webhome of Hildr Valkyre, where there you will be able to read about the new releases, news and much more. "I call the Hordes to spread the word around!" Thanks to everyone for the support to all these years, you all know who you are! P.S. For the occasion, a small contest is been arranging with some special gifts to all Hildr's Fans. Stay tuned in the near future for more! Heathen Pride Hildr

visit: https://sites.google.com/site/hildrvalkyrie

Valhalla Ascendant

The New Folkearth Album is now out!

Released Date 15/11/2012

Released by Stygian Crypt Productions

This album was created by 14 musicians from 11 countries (Greece, Monaco, USA, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Switzerland, Germany, Argentina, Russia, France) from bands and projects such as FOLKODIA, SUNUTHAR, BLACK KNIGHT SYMPHONIA, DOL AMROTH, HILDR VALKYRIE etc...

Hildr Valkyrie joins Elffor's new album as guest vocalist!

On the continuing of his music journey, Eöl from Elffor invited Hildr Valkyrie as guest vocalist to his brand new album entitled in Basque “Heriotz Sustraiak” (“Deadly Roots” in English).

Unique dark and majestic feelings, the trade mark of Eöl’s art, will flow over the atmosphere throughout his music pathways. Enchanted melodies, grim vocals and lyrical themes will astonish us for another time.

For those who are interest to seek and learn about Eöl and his art, please visit: http://www.elffor.com/

more details will follow soon!

More than 100.000 views

The Hildr Valkyrie's myspace page has over passed the 100,000 views for a second time (since the first page was deleted). I have no words to say, just a huge thank you to all of you, for your great support through out these years!

Myspace nowadays seems to be "out of fashion" with less activity since facebook came on the scene; but some people we believe that remaining underground earns the respect of more people than those that comes and go! After all, facebook offers as much as the myspace page so there is no actual reason to create one there another page of the same!

Anyhow, back to the main subject of this announcement, for the reason of the 100,000 views I refresed the layout of the page so to give you another motivate to enjoy your staying over there! Hopefully soon to have more new stuff to share with all of you!

Be well, stay metal, enjoy life, be createful... just be yourselves! With my very best Regards Hildr Valkyrie

Eliwagar and Hildr Valkyrie: Some Heathen Stories to Sing Along.

Runahild from Eliwagar, soon will start recording her new metal album and Hildr Valkyrie will take part as a guest presence to Runahild’s wonderful piece of art! The All-Mighty North will unite with Hellas in the name of Solidarity and long time Sisterhood!

In the name of the Gods In the name of Traditions In the name of a True Friendship

HV -“I am more than Proud for recording with my Sister Runahild, this collaboration was a long time wishfulness” R - "It's a real pleasure for me to work together with HV, who has been my very first inspiration to make my own one woman band as well some years ago. Now looking forward to the recording very much :)"

More details will follow soon...

Folkearth - Minstrels By The River

The Viking-Folk metal band Folkearth stroke again into this year, with the fantastic acoustic album Minstrels By The River! Lay down your swords and shields, close your eyes under the clear starry night sky, smell the fresh cold air and the perfume of the trees, rest for a while your wounded body onto a pack of leaves and strengthen yourself till the next battle begins! The Shield Maidens awaits...

1. Viking's anthem 2. Beasts from the blizzard 3. Cataphract legion 4. Lord of the spear 5. Set sails to conquer ! 6. Warrior code 7. Freedom or death 8. Folkearth 9. Сон Степана Разина (traditional)

Greece: Marios Koutsoukos-lyrics Hildr Valkyrie-female vocals Monaco: Michaël Fiori (Saga)-music, lyrics,vocals Anaïs Chevallier-female vocals USA: Billy Knockenhauer-acoustic guitars Rhode Rachel –vocals Robert Downing-fiddle , mandolin Germany: Nostarion-Cello , lute Dennis Schwachhofer-percussion Lithuania: Metfolvik-vocals France: Emily Cooper-soprano recorder, tenor recorder , piccolo Switzerland: Simon Müller –music Russia: Yanina Zelenskaya-female vocals

Release Date: 07 September 2011 Lay out by Kris Verwimp Stygian Crypt Records

Contact Hildr Valkyrie for your copy at: hildr_valkyrie at yahoo dot gr or hildr_folkearth at gmail dot com

Official Site?

Here we are after long-long time of disappearance!

This blog - http://hildrvalkyrie.blogspot.com/ - will be the only informational place for Hildr Valkyrie and it will replace all the other official web sites such as www.hildrvalkyrie.com which unfortunately does not exist anymore. So, from here and on, you will be able to read fresh news about H.V.

Thank you for your Support in all those Years!