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New News

It feels sooo wonderful to be playing back in the City that Never Sleeps. How we have missed it so. Sullivan Hall was stupendous on Black Friday, and we would like to thank everyone that was able to come out and share a great evening with us. As you probably have heard, the band will be taking off a considerable amount of time to write new material and begin building a bigger and better Love Assassin. What that means, we're not too sure yet. However, we do know that it needs to be done. See you all in a few months :)


What up internet? We have been some busy little bees over the last month and it is definitely starting to pay off. First off, we got T-SHIRTS! That's right baby-Love Assassin swag is here for the taking. Talk to a band member, or come to a show to get your hands on one. Also we have been working on some new tunes. Our last song "Black Crow" will be debuted this Friday at the New York School of Music in Walden. We hope you dig it. Make sure to check out www.loveassassin.net for show listings, NEW VIDEOS from past performances, and news on all that is Love Assassin.

Summertime Blues.......NOT!

Alright you crazy cats, After that glorious show at Fontana's it is time for LA to go crawl into our recording cave and so some serious work. We will be working on our first 10 track album. This next few months will be filled with writing sessions, meetings, and sound booths. Make sure to keep checking back for updates and breaking news on your band, Love Assassin. We will miss you all terribly, but we owe you all an album. Awwww here it goes! --LOVE ASSASSIN

June 3rd Party Bus!!!!

Hey everyone, We know you are as excited as us about the June 3rd show at the Paramount Theatre in Middletown NY. For all of you who don't know, Love Assassin is trying to rent a PARTY BUS that night to take all of our awesome friends and fans up to the show. 15 dollars gets you on the bus(there and back) and a ticket to the show. For more information, go to the Love Assassin facebook page, "Like" it, and then go to our Event Listing page. Click on "Party Bus to The Show" and click Attend! See you on the BUS!!!

Debut at Mexicali!

For everyone who wasn't able to come to the Cinco de Mayo performance last night, Love Assassin is proud to announce that we have added another talented musician to our lineup! We welcome Pat McQuillan into Love Assassin! Pat is an awesome multi-instrumentalist who will primarily be joining us on keys and guitar. We are gonna spend the next month working on new parts and getting ready to show you all a BRAND NEW version of the Love Assassin sound. We are very excited and we will see you all on June 3rd at the Paramount Theatre!

Cape May and Our 1st Radio Interview!

This weekend Love Assassin is hitting the road to head out to the Cape May Singer/Songwriter Festival! We will be headlining at Cabanas this Saturday the 26th at 11pm! We are pleased to announce that we will be appearing on a 1 hour interview on WCFA 101.5FM with DJ Ray Crews! It is a local broadcast, but for everyone back here in the greater NYC area you can listen online! If you get a chance to listen please do, they will be playing our EP all day, including after the interview! ~Love Assassin

Saturday March 19th

This is the week where everyone, no matter who you are, gets to be Irish! That being said, we would love for you guys to join us this coming Saturday as we wrap up an awesome week of St. Patty's celebrations at our home town bar Duffy's! We are going on at 10pm under the tent and playing til at least 1am! So grab your greenest shirt and a pint of stout and "Meet me at Duffy's" ~Love Assassin

Battle of the Bands - March 12th!!!

Greetings to everyone! We hope you all have had an awesome last couple of weeks! It was nice to have a few weeks off, but we are rested up, and ready to head back into action. That being said, if you check our shows section out, you will see that we are taking part in our first Battle of the Bands on March 12th! We humbly ask for your support in helping us show these other bands what Love Assassin is made of! We go on at 7pm so if you make it out, please join us for what should be a stellar evening! Love Assassin

Mexicali Friday February 18th!

Hey there internet! We want to thank everyone who came out to see us this weekend at The Alphabet Lounge, and express our gratitude to all of our new friends that we made up in Poughkeepsie! We had an awesome time playing The Loft at The Chance and we can't wait to go back there. We also would like to remind everyone that this Friday is a very important day for Love Assassin. We will be headlining Mexicali Live in Teaneck NJ. This is our first time headlining a major venue and it would mean a lot to us if all of you could be there! We are scheduled to go on at 9pm that night, so pleasew, come out grab some food or a drink and join us for what should prove to be a very special and awesome night. See you there! -Love Assassin

Mexicali Live

As Love Assassin spends the majority of our time attempting to thaw ourselves out of this ice cacoon than NJ has become encased in, we would like to remind everyone that we will be headlining at Mexicali Live in Teaneck on February 18th! This is our first appearance as a headliner at any venue and we humbly ask for your support that night. Celebrate an end to the shoveling and de-icing with some soulful rock and roll. Cant wait to see all of you there! Your Biggest Fans, Love Assassin