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It's Been A Minute..

What up maneee!! Its been a while since I hit this blog and wrote somethin' for y'all... I been really busy working on my new mixtape, and I'm mad fuckin' happy to let you know its finally wrapped up!!!! Training Camp was an awesome mixtape, but I'm real excited about this new project...as far as the production goes we got the usual suspects on there like Mr.Kooman, Sinima Productions, Sean Devine, and Track Bangas to name a few...and we got contributions from some very nice up and coming producers as well...I did all the mixing on this project myself....again..haha...and this project sounds great!!!! My man O is currently setting up shows, and were hoping to do a whole bunch of them as soon as this project drops!! This mixtape will be hosted by DJ Ransom Dollars from Coast to Coast Djs, and it features 12 brand new tracks and a track that we released a couple a weeks ago called "Smoked Out".... The work doesn't stop now though, we're just getting started... My whole team is currently getting ready to invade Miami for Memorial Day weekend, and we're getting ready to shoot a few videos for songs off this new mixtape!! Super dope shit is going on...and we hope to keep riding this momementum till we get to our goal...you guys can help us out a bunch by helping us promote!! We love and thank every single fan that has taking the time to spready the word about mysely or Grind Lab! We appreciate yall for real!! I gotta get back to work though! I'm caught in the hustle! Much love from ya boi! SKO! for constant updates on me follow me on twitter @thaaboiisko also follow @GrindLabMG for all the news on Grind Lab Music group check out our videos at youtube.com/grindlabmusicgroup P.S. LETS FUCKIN'KILL EM WITH THIS MIXTAPE WHEN WE DROP IT!!! #TeamGrindLab #LabLife

Takin' It Easy

Ahhhhh.... it was a long, long day at the studio, but very productive. Got some new material ready for the new mixtape and its coming out amazing!! I'ma take a night off tonight and just kick back and chill...I'm watchin the Miami Heat game right now, but to roll up and smoke one. The show in Edgewater was a success, and Daytona was a lot of fun. We did a lot of promo and killed the show, funnnn times!!! My homie Spencer went back to Cali yesterday, so if you on the west coast, Grind Lab Music Group is in ya area....you should start to notice an increased amount of Training Camp mixtapes in ya area soon!

aiight tho, the game is back on so I'ma finish rollin' this up and kick back and watch the rest of the game...

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Hittin' The Road..

Okay, lets get right to it. Sko's hitting the road tomorrow, "Close To The Edge Arts & Music Festival" get ready for the show of your life!! Grind Lab Music Group will be all over Edgewater, Fl this weekend aswell as Daytona. A lot of promotion will be getting done, so come get up with us, fall through the show and support the movement! Lets have a great time, and get it poppin'!