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So I awoke this morning with no big plans, meeting up with a friend, organizing my websites, and just getting some stuff done around the house. I crawled out of bed at the crack of noon and made my way upstairs for some hot tea and breakfast when I stumbled upon an unpleasant scene which put me in a fowl mood. It took me a while to shake my attitude but with a great conversation and skype session I was well on my way back to happy. I was down in my room when I noticed the UPS man delivering package after package... I couldn't believe it, could it possibly be my cd's? I ran upstairs like a flash of lightening and opened the door. THERE THEY WERE!!! 1000 cd's of MY ORIGINAL MUSIC!!! I am still just bursting with excitement! It was like Christmas 2 weeks early!!! I ripped open the box and finally laid my hands on my first solo album. The artwork, thanks to Matthew McSheehy, was absolutely beautiful and the sound quality, thanks to Jack Endino, far surpassed anything I had hoped for! I will be touring Europe in Febuary for it's initial release and then will be doing a follow up PNW tour in April and May! Thanks to everyone that has had faith in me and encouraged me along the way! You are making this small town girl's dreams a reality!

PURCHASE THE CD ONLINE @ www.jamienovarocks.com