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Happy Birthday Lady Bret

For Lady Bret's birthday today she is offering a free download of her new song "Tonight" a collaboration with Barrett Yeretsian who did "Jar of Hearts" with Christina Perry. The song will go on sale on iTunes in three weeks!


"Tonight" is having a pre-view release on Feb 7th. The preview allows fans to hear what Lady Bret and Barrett Yeretsian are up to on their upcoming album.


Currently Lady Bret who acts under the name Bret Crain plays Nurse Calliope at the Malibu Stage Company in Malibu, Ca. The show runs every Fri, Sat and Sunday. The show runs until March 3rd, 2013

Lady Bret's First Album PUNK BABY FROM MARS

Lady Bret's first album done way back in 1997, PUNK BABY FROM MARS, is now available in Lady Bret's store on Reverbnation. It is a compilation of one take improvisations of Bret's poetry written while she attended UCLA as a Poetry and Drama major. It is her moment by moment reaction to the fascinating soundscapes of renowned Hungarian artist Andras Wahorn. The album sounds all at once retro 80's and ultra-futuristic. It's incredibly interesting listening for those who want something off the beaten path, unique, intelligent, sophisticated, humorous and extremely sexy! Each song is mini musical theatre piece of the absurd and comical... Many of Bret's song are inspired by literary works-- for instance "Punk Baby From Mars" combines Shakespeare's Hamlet with her view of her debauched Hollywood family and "Lo-Down on HH" is based on a drean she had after reading "Lolita." "Tongues Firm to the Bite" is also a deconstruction of a certain pasta and the song explores the limits and boundries of language, much inspired by Derrida. Many other songs are inspired by Bret's first sexual encounters and the abuse of her childhood haunting her present in strange, dark dreams... Enjoy this one of a kind experience. Pure stimulation!