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Why is EVON' s Album called ' Lullabies for A Lion'?

Lullabies For A Lion

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The most popular questions I get asked are ‘ when is the album to be released?’ , ’ why is it called Lullabies for a Lion(LFL), will it make me sleep?’ and ‘How come people or I have never heard of you’.And the most common expression that immediately comes to mind is the one about ‘the Heat and the Kitchen’ and something to do with ‘staying away’ :)

‘Lullabies for A Lion’(LFL) is called so primarily because I love consonants that rhyme , I love word plays and double entendres and the entire album is centered around words that play on Lions, their habitats natural or enforced and their habits because I have always been fascinated by lions and suppose most people are . Lions are both beautiful and savagely brutal. Secondly, I imagined that singing a lion to sleep would require bravery and boldness and that is what the entire album is about,Fearlessness and facing one’s own fears.

Writing LFL, I have had to look honestly and deeply into my insecurities and fears , which are quite many and by my own experience, have found many people who have similar or their own fears. A common acronym for F.E.A.R is ‘False Evidence Appearing Real’ . I often wondered though how false this evidence would be at the face of a lunging lion…But I digress :) … .LFL is really about overcoming obstacles and hindering labels put on us by others or ourselves.

..And about making one sleep, I would hope that the only thing the album sends to deep sleep is our fears and that You awaken realizing that the only thing fear brings with it is the illusion of Isolation and that we are all the same and are capable of overcoming life’s obstacles imaginary or real just as the next person and it is a matter of choice. Lullabies For A Lion album release will be before this years’ end when all musical ‘knots ‘ are tied .

As to the concern of never hearing of me or about,well am working on that and hopefully one day people will hear my music , its message and recognize it more than any other aspect and the rest will fall in to place :)