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New Millennium Music Reviews Lets Play Pretend

We Were Superheroes has a tight rock sound and a fun mix of lyrical messages. I described them recently as Weezer meets Third Eye Blind but with masks.

The energetic rock of We Were Superheroes comes across very strong in the song “Donde Esta.” Combined with a fun video filmed in what we hope is the band's actual rehearsal space. The song shows us an inside look into the creative zone of the band We Were Super Heroes. With Fender tones reverberating off every wall, this song holds true to what rock n' roll is all about, a great sound and a good performance. The song's contagious hook and its groovy beat makes a sweat build up to Matt Preston's Guitar solo. This song would be a great show opener. With this level of musicianship and creativity we recommend catching these early shows because it is just a matter of time before they grow into a national touring act. But don't take our word for it, take a listen and let us know what you think!" - New Millennium Music Staff

Mikel VK Album Review!

Living in a small town, musically, is hard. Most local musicians are in numerous bands with similar styles, so it gets easy to say "You sound just like (insert band)" on a local to global level. So let's start this off right and say none of that! For any band you list I can list 5 that "sound just like". It's art, and it's beautiful. Get off your high horse. This is the vibe I get from Matt Preston's new creation, We Were Superheroes. And what an awesome creation it is.

The Album starts just how it makes you feel, with a huge resounding (Hell)"YEAH" followed by a super shredder lead. Preston's new album sounds unique compared to other local music and it is SO rad to hear someone trying something different. But that's not to say you can't hear Matt's influences. I imagine Dave Grohl and Andrew WK making a baby with Weezer and Third Eye Blind, then naming it We Were Superheroes. It's like an American Grunge Powerpop. From start to finish its got you rocking your head, tapping your foot, lifting your glass and power thrusting. Don't spill your beer.

Throughout the album there are themes of friendship, community, and straight up having a good time. No sob stories, just good ol' fashion fun. Preston pays homage to his fellow musicians by creatively listing the names of other local bands in the song "To Infinity and Beyond". Throughout the album he even features guest musicians from bands including Oh My Land, The Mighty Fine, PK and Arabel. You can tell Matt has a huge desire to bring people together and have a good time doing it. Do yourselves a favor and get a copy of We Were Superheroes' debut LP titled Let's Play Pretend. 12 tracks of pure, fun rock that will keep you coming back for more. Throw up some horns and enjoy!

Interview from New Millennium Music

What is “We Were Superheroes? Please tell us more about the music.

Matt: “We are a duo from the central coast of California and we have just finished our Debut Album. Nolan Perry tracked, mixed, mastered, and produced the entire album and I (Matt Preston) wrote all the songs and recorded all the instruments (except for a few guest musicians on certain songs). Both Nolan and I have a long standing love for Indie and Alternative Rock and it shows through our music. Alternative, dare I say, grunge rock may not be what’s hip right now but it still holds a special place in our hearts and we wanted to make an album that showed what we truly were all about. When we started on this endeavor it was just the two of us but it quickly escalated into a much larger project. We realized that we have a lot of very talented friends in every field of the creative world and we wanted this band to be an opportunity for anyone artistic or musical to have a chance to be a part of something a little different than what’s going on locally. That is why we have tried to involve as many people as we can in this project. We had members from local bands PK, Arabel, Oh My Land, and The Mighty Fine contribute their talents to help make this album sound the way it does. We also had help from an amazing violinist, Johnathan Sorbello. He played on a few songs and brought a whole new dynamic to them. As for the album art, my lovely and amazingly talented girlfriend, Natasha Meyers-Cherry, drew the art that was actually on the CD while Troie Moss (Photographer) and Sam Kowal (Photoshop master) helped coordinate and configure the album art. We are honored that so many old and new friends have come out of the wood works to help us and we can’t wait to start giving back!”

So what have you and Nolan been doing this past year to help get more things going for your music?:

Matt: “I am glad you asked! Earlier this year we won a local contest put on by 107.3 New Rock and were featured on the radio as well as having our single- “Friday Knights” put on a local compilation CD. We also won fourth place in the New Times Music Awards in the alternative rock category for that same song. We just did an interview for an awesome local publication, Swap Magazine, with journalist Julian Calvillo. In a few weeks our album will be available online at iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, Spotify, and more. We also have multiple social networking sites up for fans to keep updated on what were doing and we are currently recruiting members for live gigs and are planning our CD release show sometime in mid December or Early January. We are excited to get out there and share our music with you!”

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Matt: “We always looking for new people to collaborate with so feel free to contact us if you or anyone you know wants to be a part of anything.” We Were Superheroes!!!

Music video for "Donde Esta"!!!!!

Hey guys check out our new video and share it with your friends! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hlMJpnMZYGI

First Album Review!

Here's an awesome review Randall Sena of Certain Sparks wrote up for the album! We are still taking Pre-orders so make sure to let me know if you want one! And don't forget to like and share the page if you haven't already :)

"The only thing I’ve learned in 15 years of writing, recording, and producing music, that is worth knowing is:

(I’ll wait while you get a pen…)

OK, the only thing I’ve learned in 15 years of writing, recording, and producing music that is worth knowing is this:


(Let it soak in...............wait.........OK, read on)

So, maybe you’re sad, maybe you’re hilarious, maybe you’re chill, maybe you’re crazy, maybe you’re shockingly honest, maybe you’re private, but in order to make great music, you must, YOU SIMPLY MUST incorporate that identity into your work.

(Heavy, right?)

OK, so, who is Matt Preston of San Luis Obispo, CA’s, We Are Superheroes? Well, he’s a lover of life, and a huge fan of the rock band, Nirvana. He’s a guy that doesn’t shy away from a party, but at the same time he doesn’t shirk responsibility. He’s more lover than fighter. He’s not dumb and he’s not mean, and that’s what makes him a sort-of a real life superhero.

And fortunately for everyone, BANG! CRASH! POW! That’s what his music sounds like!

It’s big, it’s simple, it’s intense, it’s funny, it’s honest, and it fights the powers of darkness on this planet.


- Randall Sena Lompoc, CA 10-18-12

*If you’re not sure who you are, don’t worry, just make sure that not knowing is what your music is about."

New Album!

We just finished our debut album and we're doing our best to promote it! We are hoping to start performing shows sometime in November but first we need to raise money to get the album printed! Stay tuned for more updates and share us with your friends :)