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4/16 'Cameron's Feast' Dinner Dance Benefit

WHEN: April 16 TIME: 6-9pm WHERE: The Cape Ann ('The Annie') www.TheCapeAnn.org 1 Washington Street Gloucester, MA 01944 EMAIL: info@thecapeann.org PHONE: 978-704-1269

The Brain Candy Project's mission is to support the needs of parents/guardians living in the hospital with their critically ill children.We will collaborate with and support other non-profit organizations who are focused on charitable and educational activities that raise awareness about pediatric illnesses, traumas, and the support needs of families who are affected by them.

The Brain Candy Project is a project of United Charitable Programs – a registered 501(c)(3) public charity.

Tax ID #: 20-4286082

5/16 - 4/16 'Cameron's Feast' Benefit for The Brain Candy Project

What will YOU do? House party? Make jewelry? Bake sale? Pass a basket? Everyone, even kids & grandparents, can get involved in forwarding this important cause. The time is now.

The beauty of this foundation is that it is not about money... it is about PEOPLE and about LOVE. A lot of people doing just a little, in a collaborative, worldwide community effort that is doing great good, picking up where hospitals must leave off in terms of family care.

It is about word spreading like wildfire that there are parents sleeping on floors and chairs of hospital rooms beside their critically ill children, even in the best hospitals, and it is WRONG! It must change. Now.

The Brain Candy Project is not for parents who can stay at a Ronald McDonald facility, or a hotel, or at home... it is for parents who can not, or will not leave their child alone for a single night in the hospital.

It is about civic responsibility. Communities can and must pull together to support our families who are in the midst of a pediatric health crisis.

It is about businesses and individuals providing a no-cost support system for the families in our own communities , and also for guests who come to our areas from other places, seeking the optimal care for their ailing children, isolated from their own community support. By choosing our hospitals, they are supporting our local economies... how are we supporting them?

It is for families at WAR with disease, on the front lines, in the trenches, fighting for the lives of their beloved children against an unseen enemy.

It is to say to these heroic mothers and fathers:


We do.

The Brain Candy Project

Holding parents so parents can hold their children.

Henry Allen Founder,

Executive Director and Cameron's Papa

Cameron's Feast celebrates the life of this extraordinary young man. 4/16 would have been Cameron's 16th birthday.