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july ends

July ends with many mixed up feelings. Chaotic days side by side. With ceramic angels strangely singing. Up tempo nights breathe a sigh after long hot summer days. Wandering grasses lick quiet zinnias while i just sipped rose. Burnt from times gone past. Past. Some coolness starts to call me. Like sugar on my heart's tongue. I wait for autumn to finally settle in.

Thoughts On A Pear

There was a pear. It was a dark pear. It was famous for being in a renaissance painting. It had held an important place in a still life, next to an apple and a quince. It was a celebrated pear. It went on to become an integral part of a chocolate ginger pear cake. The dark pear was eventually consumed with elegance and grace. It was served to lovely ladies at high tea. The loveliest lady received her tea in a French Cirque Chinois Lamoges teacup. She loved and appreciated the pear cake more that the others. No one even noticed.