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Musical Freedom

Just finished 16 tracks of a composition created purely by assembling sound clips or loops as they are called. The result is a a multi-genre production made with crossover loops. This means that the compositions were done not using the loops from the same genre library, but by mixing and matching clips from different libraries for each individual composition. Along the way I was inclined to add my own imputations from musical instruments, but I resisted the idea as I wanted to see how far I could go to create compositions with simply a computer, the mouse and the looping music software. I have surprised myself by what I have achieved and I am almost convinced that this could be a way forward to compose music. Although it would mean that the composer's creativity is limited to and controlled by whats in the bag, nevertheless new ideas are easier to follow than having to start with a blank state of mind. Having done some research into the legality of attempting to broadcast a composition made from pre-designed loops, I am reassured to discover that if the loops were royalty free with no small print added that they were strictly for personal use, then the musician or producer who purchases the loops royalty free and has a license for the software, can use them for publishing a composition and the copyright would be validated against someone who infringes upon it on the grounds that the loops were royalty free and therefore available to anyone. The thing here is that if you don't buy the loops which gives you a license to use them, you are not the owner and therefore you are not entitled to posses them from another artist's composition. I initially wanted to name my CD " No Instruments required" but I came to realize that this is a false assumption, because in the final analysis, it is musicians and sound engineers who make looping productions possible in the first instance and thereafter the end result is the software production for commercial usage. The user is second in line in enabling the creative process to another level. Some people especially competent musicians may frown on the idea of music created from pre-designed loops, but this opinion has to be balanced against the humanistic value of giving non-musicians or those with a limited ability an opportunity to be creative. Why should they be denied their freedom of expression because they do not have the ability to play a musical instrument? Freedom comes first.