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Hey everybody! Last Nights Regret wants to tell you happy new year! We have been working quietly over the last year getting our new drummer keith up to speed(and in some instances hes brought us up to speed!) Weve recorded a new single currently in mixing as we speak. We have played a show on the first day of 2016, which hopefully says good things about the upcoming year!. Stay tuned, and stay connected! Regrettably yours, Last Nights Regret

Last Nights Regret on the radio!

High Voltage Rock N Roll Radio Show says;

We will be playing "Unwind" by Last Nights Regret on the show this week. Show broadcasts Tuesday overnight/Wednesay morning from Midnight to 5am on 90.1 KKFI Kansas City Community Radio.


This winter has been factastic for this band. We have played 7 shows since september, with the 8th this tuesday night, and we have really enjoyed ourselves. Look for us to be getting in the studio and recording. Also we will be writing, and creating promo stuff. Thanks for all your support. Love Last Nights Regret.


So last saturday we played our first show ever at Davey's Uptown...It was cool to be treated like a band. We played 5songs Soul Burn Long Road Fooled Again Swallow and Freedom Shackles. It was so much Fun. I feel like it has brought us closer together as a band, and We are very happy.