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The Longest Night of the Year

So as we have done for the last few years around this time, we are making our winter solstice song "The Longest Night of the Year" available for free download on Reverbnation. There are rumors the world is going to end on December 21st, so you may want to download it before then ;-)

Our show is tonight!!

Can't wait!!


‎2 songs available for free download for November! In the spirit of the Occupy Wall Street movement, we are making American Tragedy and Corporation downloadable on reverbnation.com. Corporation was already up this year, but we're making it available again just cause it is so timely right now. Use either song on videos, podcasts or radio shows that relate to the movement with our blessing!

It's all About Me

We've put up a new song for download on our site. The song is "It's all About Me" and it's from our second album Fade and Sustain. So check it out!

Quest for Deliverance

It's September and we're a bit late with the new free download, but it's up now! The free download for this month is Quest for Deliverance from our album "Fade and Sustain". It features Jay Tye from Soil and Eclipse on backing vocals. We hope you like it!


Happy August everybody! For this month, we're making Stranglehold our free download. It's from our first album "Journal of Trauma" and features Maria Azevedo from our COP International labelmate Battery on backup vocals.

Hanged Man

Happy June everybody!! We've got a new free download available on reverbnation.com - Hanged Man. It's off our first album "Journal of Trauma". Take advantage of the free download for the whole month of June.


It's May! Time for a new free download. This month's song is Sahara from our forthcoming album "Dark Water Oasis". It's available on our reverbnation.com site (which has passed 2000 plays - thanks everyone who listened!)

See the Light

We've made our song "See the Light" the free download on our reverbnation.com page for the month of March. From our album Fade and Sustain (which is now out of print) this song features the guitar work of Robin Jacobs who had previously played in Switchblade Symphony. Enjoy!


New month - new song on reverbnation.com! Well, it's not a brand new song, it's actually an old song off Fade and Sustain. Since most of the country is getting hammered by winter, it only seemed appropriate to make "Snowflowers" this month's free download. Karen wrote it about her cat and it'll make you happy, even if ...the weather outside doesn't!