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essence killah

Every time you say "yes" to someone who doesn't deserve it, and go against Yourself and what you value the most, you kill a small part of your essence.

New track from Anna

Anna came over last night to record a different version of her new song. The hip hop version of it is already great to my ears but she wanted something different and more upbeat reggaeish funky pop tune that everyone in the summer would seriously forget about what sadness is all about. So, stay tuned because this might be the pill for your depression. Check out ANASTASIA ANDRANOV here in Reverbnation. http://www.reverbnation.com/anastasiaamusic

Lights, sounds and shaky ground.

After a long sound editing last night, as i lie down my couch to relax between 12:30 to 1:00AM, I noticed the sky through my giant window looks illuminated. It almost seem like there's a wide amber light above the clouds. While I continue on to relax on my couch, I felt a little bit of earthquake four times in ten seconds span.