miysis is dead

miysis is dead due to lies n treachery i dont see whats so hard bout juss making musik as a group with out dumass dramma shit like a singer copywriting all our songs in his name behind our backs to take the credit for every 1z work and telling me to my face he dont like our musik (fuck him )and 4 sum dum ass reason i (0-ya ) (cuz he pretended to be a friend.) let him use his pc rather then my own laptop to record all our songs onto do to my low memory yup (too much porn) haha so now youll never get tahere sum of our best work- yup-fuck him so this leavez me not wanting to play with this speed/coke/drug addicted losser .. yea fuck him /.. witch also meanz ...theres no way juss me n dave alone can aford a band space seeing how our drummer never could pay since the begining ... so this band ends up juss being a lot of wasted time,efort, money n headack for me anywayz though we all did have sum good times tagether its juss over but, be shure to check out my new upcoming projects very soon to come keeping it brutal n metal allways JASUN R. plzz do comment !