This is a year full of changes and new directions! I for one have decided to take matters in my own hands and go for mine in a way i dont think i ever have before! Beginning by Re-introducing myself to the music game! My name is Cliff Notes formally and still known to some as Young Peezy! For the past 20+ years i have been making music, playing music, and making other people lots of money and gain recognition. While doing all these things, they have brought me knowledge, and given me the oppurtunity to live a fantastic life and travel to numerous places playing music. I am forever greatful to everyone who has allowed me the pleasure of sharing the stage with them! Thank You. Now its MY TURN! This year im bringing you ME! My SOUL, My THOUGHTS, My TALENTS, and My GIFTS from GOD! Get ready world, i am coming this year to take back everything that i let slip away from me, or made a left on instead of going right! See you soon! Cliff Notes