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Hip Hop in the context of the Mayan Cosmovision (Quirigua Guatemala)

Sup to Control Creativo: much love to Alex, Chike, Coodie, Ronin...


Journey Into the 4th Dimension

The next dimension, the new understanding, the next era will be less explained with words and more understood by the use of all the senses. The intellect and ideas have limited our expression of the truth. Listen to the sounds of the universe, use your sense of smell and taste to experience the gamma of frequencies and vibrations. Focus, concentrate, listen to the silence within yourself. Pay close attention to that silence. Reach far within and find your truth. Be sensitive to others, be respectful, be considerate, be kind, be loving, be free...be yourself! Yung One Lee

¨Allow the greatness of the universe be manifested in you.¨