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New Shows

Lots of new shows coming up including trips to Corpus Christi, North Carolina and more!

Best Party Ever

If you're anywhere close to Lake of the Ozarks this Memorial Day Weekend, come out on Sunday to Dog Days Bar and Grill for a THROWDOWN of epic proportions.

Crude Fest!!

If y'all are in West Texas you need to be at CRUDEFEST this 12-13-14 in Midland, we hit the stage Saturday at 4pm

BigStar97's Artist of The Month

Thanks to BigStar97 in Arlington TX who have made us their featured artist for April!! Check it out @ BigStar97.com

#1 for over 2 weeks on lonestarmusic.com

Head over to lonestarmusic.com and pick up "Let The Bad Times Roll" The latest and greatest from JT & The Sinners