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700 Miles to Memphis (I.Presley/J.Ploof) - I started writing this when I was on my way from Green Bay to Memphis because of everything that happened to be on my mind. It was an overnight drive alone for 12 hours and I remember seeing a sign that said 703 or 704 miles to Memphis and thought that was a great song title and was a fitting way to put what i was thinking into words. I talked into my Blackberry with some ideas and actually finished my part of the lyrics when I got to Florida. I sent them to Jason Ploof asking for help finishing them and he went and finished it all the way. He finished the lyrics, added the chorus and bridge and tweeked mine to make them flow a little better, and layed down all the instruments while his brother Justin McGuinn did the vocals. We will be recording another version with myself singing and fixing the drums. I still can't believe it everytime I hear it that I helped create this. Just a song about dealing with heartbreak on a trip cross country and it turned into this. I seriously cannot stop listening to it (maybe because I am not singing lol) I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! Long Time (Danie's Song) - (I.Presley) - I think this is pretty self explanatory and was written in the spring/summer of 2009. The original demo was recorded in the summer of 09 with Chris Durow where I did the guitar and vocal tracks. The vocals were cool but the guitar part, not so much. If I ever post the original demo you will see why I had a good guitar player play on it lol. Paul Hanna played all guitars on it and I did the vocals. This was recorded in March of 2010 at Paul's stuidio.