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so are we having a blog now? shit's crazy these days! well you motherfuckers, what do you wanna know? we got nothing to tell you right now. we're just a bunch of lazy bums. well okay, we're writing new songs at the moment. but if you want us to put them on a record - FUCKING BUY OUR CURRENT RECORD first. we need ca$h!!! so as we got nuthin to tell ya - we'll have a question - answer blog. you ask, we answer! stupid questions welcome!

blog 2011 style, already in 2010. damn. frickin awesome.

by the way we don't expect any reactions to this, but if you kinda write something on our wall it's cool. or draw something on your mum's wall, take a picture of it and post it on our wall. i already said shit's crazy. isn't it?