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Holiday's Over - Time to Focus on the CD and

of course work, school, volunteering, playing ... it's going to be busy, but we're used to cramming in too much stuff :) Looking forward to some upcoming shows which we'll fill you in on soon.

Blogging just ain't our thang, however ...

wanted to fill you in on the latest - new songs hoping to record in the near future. Also has a great time at the Heart & Crown with some new and familiar faces - so much fun & great energy from the crowd! Full Tipped Sleeve thanks you much!

An Awesome Show coming up soon!

We're playing with Neverfriend an exciting female fronted rock band & Pia Ashley who is a viral youtube phenom. This is going to be an awesome show and only $5 in advance if you buy tickets in advance - so please message/text/email us asap - 19+ contact@fulltippedsleeve.com or 613-323-3598

Wow - what a night - what a week!

We had a last minute invite to do an acoustic set at the Cabin on York. Only our 2nd acoustic show in over a year - so we were a little nervous at first - We were thrilled at the response - we were asked if we have a Label - we said we wished!!

We were asked to play Canada Day with our full band if we'd like!!!

We had a couple practises and have the new song sounding great - Ethan just thought of an awesome piano/synth riff - super pumped for things to come

We definitely should always throw in a couple acoustic numbers in our shows - it gives us a totally different sound - love both & hope you will too - next show the Georgetown 1159 Bank @ 9pm

Attention Recording Studios in Ottawa & Anyone in the Know!

We have alt rock pop tunes that need to be fine tuned & recorded - want to get out a 2nd CD by the end of summer 2013 - If anyone out there has had success with an Ottawa recording studio could you please let us know - we would much appreciate it!!

Gearing up for a great show this Sunday ...

Been fortunate enough to get the attention of several radio stations and newspapers this last couple days CBC Bandwidth, CBC Morning, the Ottawa Citizen, DAWG FM and more and have been interviewed by super nice people. Hope that we can see some old and new faces @ the Ottawa Folk Fest this Sunday, Sept 9 @ 2pm - don't forget it's free!

live on air today @ 3pm

We're playing live today @ 3pm - chatting, tunes - we're psyched - CHUO FM 89.1 Ottawa!

Wow, once a year blog - ouch!

Well a lot has happened since 2011 but we won't bore you with the details - In the last 2 months we've written 2 songs which we hope to get up here soon, competed and won a Battle of the Bands against some very talented competition and played several bars in Ottawa. We hope to see some of you at our next gig!

FTS @ Ottawa Bluesfest + CD Release!

Contracts are signed. Full Tipped Sleeve will play the Cisco Ottawa Bluesfest in less than 2 weeks. Sunday, July 17th from 2-3pm (Barney Danson Theatre) - we've got new songs, new moves ... all we need is you!! 9 song CD Release too! Discounted Student tickets (with ID) available same day @ Ottawa Bluesfest site across from War Museum. 1 Ticket gets you into see FTS & Cheap Trick, Joe Satriani, Amanda Rheaume and many more amazing artists! http://fulltippedsleeve.com http://facebook.com/fulltippedsleeve http://couchassassin.com/event/full-tipped-sleeve-plays-ottawa-bluesfest-2011


Hey everyone - we have lots of songs on the above site and info on each of the members and our other websites - please join our group!