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The Deadly Blank / Blog

Awe-Struck, Educated and Inspired

So, last night went like this: We crossed the border to Broward for our scheduled sound-bang at the very righteous Funky Biscuit. After we were done exposing the residents of Del Boca Vista to our Hialeah-bred rock & roll, the Livesays took the stage. Watching their powerful set left us awe-struck, educated and inspired. We took our motivation back on the road, and headed south to the Miami Lakes Billiard Club, where several of our favorite bands were celebrating the tragically short life of Mike Gomez. Thanks to Stone Miller and the Dirty Rhythm Jesus, who were amazing and allowed us to use their gear, we were able to join the show, stand between the pool tables and sing to some loving souls, "When a problem comes along, you must whip it. Before the cream sits out too long, you must whip it", and it felt great. Thanks to everyone who played a part in this story, and be easy, Mike. Life is a precious thing.

Finally, A Finals

Win! Our performance Tuesday night at the Seminole Casino Coconut Creek earned us a spot in the SunFest RocknRoll Shootout Finals on Saturday, April 13th. We will be playing in the pavilion (http://blog.mixonline.com/briefingroom/2013/02/08/seminole-casino-coconut-creek-puts-l-acoustics-in-the-pavilion/), and it will be awesome. The winner gets a spot opening for Cheap Trick, and we think we'd fit in there like honey in a bee hive. More Finals bulletins to follow. In other news: We love Game of Thrones, even the part where a demon shot out of a witch's queefer and killed a guy. With Season 3 only a week away (joy!), Spano's Big Radio Show is holding 'Rock of Thrones', a March Madness- style tournament where 64 local acts compete at phishing for votes. We're in it, so vote for us, and hurry! Winter is coming. You can vote here: http://spanosbigradioshow.com/rock-of-thrones-2013.html

Super-Best Friends

If you are new to the band and we to you, here is how to become one of our super-best friends* in 4 easy steps:

1.Buy our 6-song debut album from iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon, Google Music, etc.

2.Like us at www.Facebook.com/theDeadlyBlank

3.Follow us www.Twitter.com/theDeadlyBlank

4.Subscribe to our video feed at www.Youtube.com/theDeadlyBlank

*super-best friends may be subject to persistent loan requests and designated driving duty.

Big Ups to the Partay Peoples

We couldn't wait until morning to express our love to everyone who made our Victory, Almost-Victory or Whatever Partay a great success! Thanks to all who came out and enjoyed themselves, The Vilifiers, BrandNamePunk, Space Between Words and By Default for your awesome performances and to our fellow band brethren who came out to party, like Session Zero, Shadow Reborn, The Nothing Left, Orange Flight, Derevo and Soundcircles. If you were part of the fun, and you see this post, please take the time to drop a comment on this thread here ( or on our Facebook page ) so that we know you got home OK. We really do give a shit about your crazy asses.

Half the Battle

Because Knowing is Half the Battle: The date for our performance in the first round of Hard Rock Rising has been set for Friday, March 15th at the Hard Rock Cafe Hollywood FL, so be there or be []! SATURDAY join us at the Shack Annex in Hialeah (9811 NW 80 AVE #7-D) while we celebrate you voting us in to HRR with our friends The Vilifiers, Space Between Words, BrandNamePunk and By Default. New show added! Friday March 1st, we'll be swinging it at LALA's, aka Buddha Gonzalez International Grill - North Miami, with Zen the Band, The Vilifiers and Dark Rift. Besos!

On To The Next One

Thanks to you, we are still standing in the Hard Rock Rising Global Battle of the Bands. The next round will be at the Hard Rock Cafe Hollywood FL on a to-be-announced Friday night in March. To show our gratitude, we invite you to celebrate with us at our free Victory, Almost-Victory or Whatever party next Saturday, Feb 23 at the Annex in Hialeah with Brand Name Punk, By Default Space Between Words and The Vilifiers (http://www.reverbnation.com/show/9682078)

Next month, we have more guaranteed good times to offer, including the 15th Annual Medical Marijuana Benefit Concert at Tobacco Road on Saturday, March 2 https://www.facebook.com/events/130764570420996/ and Saturday March 16 at The Goose Coconut Grove with Soundcircles and Radioboxer. More news and shows on the way, so stay tuned!

The Victory, Almost-Victory, or Whatever Partay

If you're in the Miami area, and you took precious time from your mortal life to read our blog, Your Friendly Neighborhood Deadly Blank cordially invite you to the free "Victory, Almost-Victory, or Whatever" Par-tay on Saturday, February 23rd at the Annex in Hialeah, featuring performances by Space Between Words, The Vilifiers, Brand Name Punk, By Default and yours truly, Hialeah's favorite Rock & Roll robo-callers, us! (the Deadly Blank)

Overwhelmed by the tremendous positive response to our ceaseless whining and aggressive stalking for votes, the Blank aka "we" are showing our gratitude by inviting everyone to celebrate their part in the band's Victory, Almost-Victory, or Whatever in The Hard Rock Cafe Hollywood's On-line Popularity Contest to earn a spot to compete in 'Hard Rock Rising'.

The bands:

Brand Name Punk https://www.facebook.com/BrandNamePunk

By Default https://www.facebook.com/bydefaultmusic

Space Between Words https://www.facebook.com/SpaceBetweenWords

The Vilifiers https://www.facebook.com/TheVilifiers

The Deadly Blank https://www.facebook.com/theDeadlyBlank

If you haven't voted yet, you can help the cause by clicking on the Hard Rock rising icon on the center of our Reverbnation or visiting this link http://tinyurl.com/ag3vvvh and downloading the Deadly Blank's song Lucky for free.

Also, after voting for your favorite band whose name ends in Blank, you could throw some love to our peeps and fellow HRR competitors the Midnight Kahuna, Dear Darling, the Nothing Left, Siren and Shadow Reborn, but really, again, we encourage you to do so AFTER voting for, you know, us.

The Annex is located at 9811 NW 80th Avenue Bay #7-D in Hialeah (but with a Non-Hialeah address, please note), west of the 826 and close to the exit for NW 103 Street/W 49 Street.

The show starts at 10pm. 21+ Only. RSVP on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/158444514306701/permalink/158841600933659/

Hard As Rocks and Rising

Somehow, thanks to the support of our fans, friends, family and maybe a stranger or two, we've been able to compete at the top of the Hard Rock Rising competition with a couple of acoustic high school kids and a band filled with good-looking, coed Betty's that can play. As many of you might already be aware, 'students', as they are commonly referred to, are reported to spend 80-90% of their time on-line 'liking' and voting for their friends' and classmates' causes and crap. Simply keeping up is a huge accomplishment for us working-class adult-types, with our stupid "real lives" and "responsibilities", so, from the bottom of our loving parts, thanks again for your help. If you haven't voted yet, you can still join the cause by clicking here http://Tinyurl.com/ag3vvvh and downloading our song Lucky. Then, make plans to celebrate your good actions by coming to our free 'Victory, almost-Victory or Whatever Par-tay' on 2/23 at the Annex in Hialeah with music by BrandNamePunk, The Vilifiers, By Default and yours truly. Par-tay!

The Things We Love

Due to persistent, incessant and borderline terrifying demand, we pooled the resources we would have otherwise appropriated to recreation, excess instruments and fine dining (i.e. "the things we love") into the creation and manufacture of "The Deadly Blank", the first official recorded evidence that we're not just a band of silly people, we're good at the music part, too. Thanks to masterful engineering by Steve Gordon, Billy Livesay, and Mike Fuller, amazing artwork by Sajad Shah and Alonso Espinosa and, most importantly, our wayward flailing, we're confident that 'the Deadly Blank' will satisfy all of your pleasure parts and sound-holes. If you want to stream it, and we want you to, go here: www.Reverbnation.com/theDeadlyBlank. If you want to buy it at $5 for the digital album or $10 for the CD, go here: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/thedeadlyblank. If you want the album, live in South Florida, and (can't/don't want to/shouldn't have to) pay, show up to one of our gigs and we'll work something out. If you want one, don't live in South Florida, and (can't/don't want to/shouldn't have to) pay, send us a message (to thedeadlyblank@comcast.net) detailing why we should send you one and maybe we will. We have plenty more great new stuff on the way, including remastered versions of our Pick It Up and Hands In My Pockets videos, T-shirts, a new video for Lucky, a spot on a great upcoming compilation named Surviving Miami: Volume 1, and we might even be working on a new album to be released sooner than you think. So, to sum, there are a lot of reasons to keep tabs on the Deadly Blank these days. We realize that we've neglected our social media, but now we have Carlos "Five Arms" Paguaga in our band, and he pays attention to this stuff, so tweet to us with confidence. Those of you we've already exposed ourselves to are probably saying, "It's about time". Yeah, maybe it is, but now your ass is on the clock, because it is on you to buy it. It's good, though, and only getting better.

Inside the Music's Behind

Recently, we have become a part of two artist collectives, the Miami Music Movement and the Florida Music Get Together, who each aim to organize and promote South Florida-grown music to the populace. Each group has held their own meeting of the minds this week, where they fielded suggestions on how to create a vibrant music scene to mirror Austin, Seattle, etc. We are huge fans of the effort, and sincerely believe that a great idea for both the Miami Music Movement and the Florida Music Get Together should be, well, to get together.

Besides that, we have some ideas of our own for our fellow bands to help us all get our scene on the map:

-Let's hold "Battle of the Bands" with actual battles. Imagine a joust between Vanne Dazza of Radioboxer and Lisa Abreu of Avenida Zero. Or a Battle Royale featuring us, the Chris Alvy Band, Session Zero & Heroes and Cons within a steel cage, surrounded by a dozen, floppy, double-sided dildos, and a ladder to an escape hatch in the center. Or, for those who aren't big fans of violence, perhaps The Mirrors and Space Between Words could face off in Cafe World.

-Don't just make a video, film a porno. Look what it did for Kim Kardassian, Ray Jay, Paris Hilton, Tommy Lee, Tonya Harding, Zach & Miri and R. Kelly.

-If your local newspaper has no Music Section, don't despair. The sure-fire, numero uno, best way to be featured in your local newspaper (especially the Miami Herald) is by committing a crime. Kidnap the child of a celebrity or public figure and attach your demo to the ransom note. Print a flyer promoting a Project X-style party in a vacant house, hosted by your band, and leave a stack at the nearest gym/donut shop/cafeteria/steroid dealer's house. You could also gain publicity and an attendance spike at one of your shows by hijacking a city bus and redirecting it to the venue.

We can't divulge all of our secrets at once, so we'll stop there for now. Since we are curious to know who amongst our friends is reading this crap and who isn't, we present a new segment, a South Florida local band-centric take on Behind the Music, which we will call:

"Inside the Music's Behind"

-Hialeah's Falseta was voted "the Favorite Band of Metal Dudes' Girlfriends" in an on-line poll. Other winners on the poll included "Twilight" for Best Movie, "Kei$a" for Most Talented and "Rick Santorum" for Man of the Year.

-Rocker Stone Miller met the Dirty Rhythm Jesus in the men's bathroom at the Billiard Club, but they both insist that it wasn't weird.

-Fort Lauderdale's the Shadow Reborn was originally just the Shadow until they were caught in the crossfire between Kill the Messengers and a UPS driver. They would have died if a sparkling Robert Patterson hadn't happened to be walking by at that very moment.

-Speaking of Kill the Messengers, a local magnet school recently deemed them too metal to perform there after the band overloaded the school's metal detectors upon arrival.

-There are only two members in newborn No Stars on the Perimeter, but five words in the band name.

-Before the Monterey Club closed down (sadly), it had already exceeded the life expectancy for a soldier in Kony's army.

We have a shit-ton of great shows coming up, so check the schedule at http://www.reverbnation/thedeadlyblank Like us: http://www.facebook.com/thedeadlyblank Follow us: http://www.twitter.com/thedeadlyblank Watch us: http://www.youtube.com/thedeadlyblank

Until next time,

the Deadly Blank