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What I Use

STRINGS: D'Addario: EXL120+ Nickel Wound, Super Light Plus EXL120 Nickel Wound, Super Light EJ16 Phosphor Bronze, Light Dunlop Strings: Heavy Core Guitar Strings Gauge: HEAVIEST . PICKS: Jim Dunlop: Jazz III, TECKPICK, Tortex Standard Dava Pick: Jazz Grip Delrin, And Handmade birch picks AMPS: Dean Markley : RM-80-SR Head (circa 80`s) out to a 15 Jbl Peavey: 65 Watts Express 112 S TransTube W/Sheffield (circa early 1990) out to a 15inch Jbl . FX PEDALS: Tech 21 Tri O.D. ToneBone Radial Tube Drive Classic Distortion Hush Systems Dual Channel Hush Pedal Ibanez Tone-Lok FZ-7 Boss PH-3 GUITARS: Vantage Avenger Custom 6 string W/Seymour Duncan Dimebucker (SH-13) Fender Squier Bullet Custom 6 string w/Custom Made Humbucker Karma Kustom 6 string W/ MMK45 Humbucker(circa 80's) And other sorted types of electrics and acoustics. They are all custom by me for my sound. And a line 6 product that i use for recording. It can also be used in a live setup too.

Hey All

Well i am not that great at blogging...lol But thanks for all the support!!!! Even if there only raw demos. I been doing some writing. And getting to some old roots with old school rock/metal/tharsh and punk. I also have been talking to a few people about doing some stuff.But there has been a lot of people that just can't seem to get it that you have to get off your ass and do what you say you are going to do!!! That and be straight forward and say what you mean!!! I hate people that are looking passed what is in front of them and always looking for the next best thing, And not dealing with what they have started or what is the task in hand!!! Well i guess that is my rant for today...lol Plus i just wanted to thank everyone for the support and the intrest in my music and/or wanting to work on something. Keep your stick on the ice and your head. And i am always looking to jam and work with other people.Even if it is just to write... Later Jay


I been really busy lately with customizing a few guitars...And been writing a lot and starting to get some recorded so i hope to be putting some new shit up here soon!!!! And if you like what you hear i am all for you letting everyone know about what i have up on ReverbNation....And as always i welcome your input See you on the flip side......

Hey and Welcome

Hey everyone and Welcome This is my little corner of the REVERBNATION And i hope you all have a listen to my demos I am just one guy and hope to have some friends help out With what i can't do.....(Vocals mostly) If you do have a listen let me know what you think Jay