My Year

I am remaining hopeful and optimistic that it is indeed my year! After almost two years of being off the scene to adjust to being a new mom I am back and dedicated to this thing called music. I want nothing but recognition, respect, and acknowledgement of my superior and unique rap style...lol...yea im a lil cocky! It's funny because I feel like im a new artist doing this all over again, but i've been rapping since 11! Grant it i've been actively recording and did some shows back home since like 2008, so im fairly new to that stuff, but nevertheless, that doesn't make me less of an artist if anything it makes me more greedy!!! There's just some things about this rap game that has got to change, and I have come to the conclusion that that's not going to happen until a real bitch like ya girl Fatal hit the scene, so meanwhile imma let them shine but I promise you this year is mine!!