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I posted new song of "From Tanjavur" I played this song's guitar, EWI and programming.

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The new cover song of "明日への扉". Computer programming and EWI performance by Takaichi K.

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I play "EWI" with "Cubase". It is rock tune.

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I posted the new song of "Morning Island (cover)".

Please check out "Forgotten Saga" (cover)

This is the ballad of instrumental. I was playing the EWI 5000.

Please check out "Truth" cover of live version.

I was remixed "Truth" cover with EWI 5000. The song is most popular song of "The Square" in Japan. The song of many version was uploaded on YouTube, but Takeshi Ito (original member of The Square) has played in Yamaha WX7 this version. Thank you.

I was re-recorded in EWI5000 newly released.

Please check out "Passage Of Clouds (cover)". It is the ballad tune.

New song!

I posted "Overhead kick (cover)" of the new tune. Please check it out if you have a time. Thank you.

Please check "Love All (cover)"

Please check out "Love All (cover)" of a new posted tune. This song is a fusion of Japan in the 1980s.

Please check New Tune.

"El Mirage" is cover song of The Square. You can see original song play on YouTube. Search of "the square el mirage"