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Mindscribe-Exlusive Interview... by Listen Up Records

Mindscribe is an up-and-coming MC from Indianpolis, Indiana, but he grew up in Sacramento and Oakland, California. He grew up moving from foster home to foster home, group home to group home, boot camp to juvenile hall. It was at one of these particular group homes where Mindscribe started rhyming and rapping and freestyle battling. At 17 he finally escaped from a group home in Sacramento and travelled to Indianapolis to find and finally meet his mother and brother Hos Style, who was right here in Nap-Town, and he's been here since, rapping and repping harder for the city than many of its actual natives.

His influences in music are obviously bay-area-influenced, with an aggressive high-octane rhyme-style and clever, often hilarious lyrics, but is also an obvious hip-hop purist, somehow mixing highly lyrical, almost scientific lyrics with crunk down-south style beats. He's as versatile as he is lyrical, however, spanning between rock and rnb and even electro-pop style songs with apparent ease.

And while Mindscribe's music is exceptional, the real reason Mindscribe has the whole city talking about him is his vicious freestyle battle ability. His "Fight 4 The Mic" performance is considered a classic moment in Indianapolis hip-hop history, and has also made appearances at Grindtime, considered the best rap battle league in the world, and No Coast, an elite Midwestern battle league. Both Mindscribe and Indianapolis native Young Gattas are constantly battling out of state, repping hard for the city.

Mindscribe, apparently, isn't satisfied-he humbly thanks fans for the praise, but he feels he's only just begun. "Yeah, I'm pretty deep in this battle scene," he says, "but it's an extremely congested and competitive envirnment filled with a lot of great rappers who are like holy shit amazingly fucking good and clever.Truthfully, compared to a lot of these battlers who are out there, I'm nobody-just check the hatin'-ass comments I get under my videos on Youtube, they'll tell you." He laughs. "I've lost a couple times since hitting the major major league but I'm learning and I'm just now getting used to the accapella battle scene but I still have a blast doing it."

Mindscribe can be contacted for booking at http://www.facebook.com/mindscribe his music can be downloaded for free at http://www.reverbnation.com/mindscribe or http://www.soundclick.com/mindscribe