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New Songs

The past few weeks been having a swell of creative juices flowing. Have about 5 or 6 songs either fully complete or fragments that still need a bit more work.Two are straight blues tunes that sound fantastic in my opinion. One is entitled "Recession Blues" which is quite self explanatory. The other is "No Where to Run to", a allegory for the constant stresses on the American people. We've got a song that's a bit rocky with a mix of blues (yeah a lot blues so what don't like it then eat a B-Hole). We've been scrounging a few covers as well. Neil Young's "Harvest" and part of Robert Johnson's "32-20 Blues". Hopefully we can get back to gigging soon to show them off. Working on getting maybe a couple unplugged shows set us.

Drummer Hunting

After Jesse quit we've been searching around for someone to take his place. Obviously Jesse was a big part of our sound and musical process and things are going to be different without him. We've put adds up at a few select spots in St.Louis and hope to put a few more up at places that deal with musical inquiries. There's been Craig's List which so far has put us in contact with a 57 year old black man named Ralph who has a ton of soul and pretty good drummer but age and his work schedule have been flags to not choose him, but obviously (or at least to me) It would be kinda bad ass to have a old guy in the band but not sure it would help with our appeal as a band. Jammed with plenty of people but none have had quite the thing were looking for, but there's still some more folks that want to jam with us so will see how those turn out. If any stone cold fool reading this (which I don't know who would) talk to Marcus or I about auditioning for the spot.


Logan Wyatt